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    Creating a boot disc?

    I have Techtool Pro, DiskWarrior and AntiVirus. Of which I want to compile onto one bootable disk (optical CD or DVD). So that I can diagnose and virus check any of the macs I have. Is this possible. I'm thinking... Create a Disk Image, Install OSX 10.4.6 into it, install apps into...
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    Problem with remote desktop connection

    try turning off VNC and disable the "allow vnc to adminisiter using password" in the clients sharing prefs. is the RDC client up tp date (currently 2.2)? failing that delete the client from your master or list and re-add them and see what happens.
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    Some Basic Questions...

    I am due to overhual and resetup our G5 DP Tower OSX 10.4 Server at work. -Its setup as a Standalone server. -Running Mail server. -Hosting Our Website (due to host through hosting company) -File Server. - filemaker server - vpn for remote clients. If I tell you guys/gals what i want to...
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    Shared/Group Calendar OSX Server

    just a calendar I have managed to setup the mail server and everyone is using office 2004 entourage (god knows why I prefer mail myself ;) ).
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    Shared/Group Calendar OSX Server

    Hi, I am looking to get a calender setup on our OS 10.4 Server (G5 Tower). The requirements are this... • all members of staff can view and edit the calendar. • it can be access when using the VPN we have in place. It is so we can keep track of apointments and holidays ect etc...
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    Setting Up Xerox 8400n In Os X Classic On 17" Powerbook

    Hi I have a 17" PowerBook with Classic installed and using a wireless router. I setup my new Xerox 8400N Printer via the router so I can print wirelessly in OSX and all works fine but... I am using quark xpress 4.1 in classic, i for the life of me cannot seem to get the Xerox setup in...