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  1. Ferdinand


    Up till now, I have never seen any advertisements on, but now they start appearing on nearly every page. Why has this suddenly changed? Does anybody else see those ads when logged onto their account?
  2. Ferdinand

    What's your favorite iPod color?

    It would be interesting to see which iPod color is the most popular. My favorite is either silver or blue.
  3. Ferdinand

    Your favorite new Apple product?

    Which do you like the best and are most astonished of?
  4. Ferdinand

    Another 1300 emails from in my inbox!

    Again just received around 1300 emails from to my fhascha(at) email address dating from 2007. I really think something is either wrong with my account or your server, because all these emails are just from - no one else (mostly notifications of new posts, new...
  5. Ferdinand

    + next to names

    I know that a plus next to the name of the person who wrote a post means that they are online, but what does it mean on different occasions? For example when going to someones profile, you can look at the last few users who looked at that profile. Next to some of the users names, you can also...
  6. Ferdinand


    I downloaded the Mac OS X update 10.5.4 using Software Update, thinking it would (also) update .Mac to MobileMe in the system preferences, but it didnt. I heard there is a MobileMe update in the Software Update app, but I cant see one - all there is, is the iTunes 7.7 update. So how do I get...
  7. Ferdinand

    Site slow

    Hi Scott, During the day the site has been very slow. Now its fast again - but around 2 hours ago it was so slow that Safari said that it lost the connection with your server - mostly in the forums (apple news, rumors, discussion and the cafe). Now its slower again - this time in the tech...
  8. Ferdinand

    Just received around 500 email notifications

    For some reason I just received all notifications I've ever gotten from July till today, including forum posts, tech notifications, updates to my tickets etc.... to my mail account. Did someone else also get this?? Is something wrong with the server Scott? EDIT: around 800...
  9. Ferdinand

    Leopard Menu Bar &

    I just installed Leopard on my iBook and saw that, in comparison to my MacBook where I installed Leopard earlier, the menu bar isn't half-transparent. It looks a little like the Tiger menu bar, just in a different gray tone and the apple logo is different. So how come on one Mac it is...
  10. Ferdinand

    Leopard & Leopard Server Keynote

    In Vienna there was a keynote about Leopard & the server version. All they mentioned in the 1st part, which was about Leopard, was old stuff which everyone new. In the 2nd part they talked about Leopard Server, which was new to me too, since I was never interested in it till now. I saw that...
  11. Ferdinand

    Google Member Map

    A pop-up comes up (attached is a screen shot) and then it says: "The Vbgooglemap Member Edition is currently not available please check again later." Is this other website the pop-up is talking about
  12. Ferdinand

    New 2007 Website back online?

    Is this now permanent? EDIT: Please ignore: apparently it's back offline again...
  13. Ferdinand

    New 2007 Website

    What happened with the new website? All discussion gone - links gone - the group gone!? Also, on both sides of "Join our Team" the text is gone! So is this new 2007 website idea abandoned with this server change???
  14. Ferdinand

    Members Geo Map

    It's not working... it says I don't have permissions.
  15. Ferdinand Wiki

    Scott, You need to upload infobox templates to your server, otherwise it will be impossible to make the articles good. Examples: I know this is a very early beta release so not everything is finished, so it's not pushing - but the sooner...
  16. Ferdinand

    Movie Player / Image app / Music app

    Is there any good free movie player (except for QT) that will play .mov files and more in full-screen? Also, are they any good free apps for music (except iTunes) and for opening images? Thanks!
  17. Ferdinand

    Where are you going in the summer?

    Just curious where everyone is going for their holiday! I'm going to Mallorca, Spain.
  18. Ferdinand

    Tech Area

    Again a weird issue with open questions - when "Preview Mouseover", the link to this ticket doesn't appear to work. It's the second one from the top, called "Adobe Apps will not launch". This already happened a few times in the last few weeks.
  19. Ferdinand

    Interface Builder

    I don't know a lot about building apps, so please bear with me... I opened Interface Builder to try around with the "lets see what this button does" technique. So I managed to build I really little text app, but how can I save it as an app? If I click File -> Save, it saves it as an Interface...
  20. Ferdinand

    New "Apple Shops"

    Check this out: UK: Germany: I couldn't find any other countries that have this.