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    Error while loading Device Driver

    Hi, I am system programmer in macintosh. I am testing a device driver. While loading device driver on target machine (which is one of the steps while debugging a device driver using GDB), I am getting following error: kextload:extension /tmp/HelloIOKit.kext is not authentic. {...
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    Hfs Volume On Mac Os X

    I have macmini with mac os X with HFS+ volumes. I want to mount HFS volume on mac os X alongwith already present HFS+ volume. Can anybody tell me where can I get image for HFS volume which can be used on mac os X?
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    How to convert Cfsocketref into Int

    Dear Sir/Madam, please suggest how to convert CFSocketRef to Int in carbon? How to send a file in chunk of bytes from server to client using CFSocket? If yes then please send me the source code?