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    Ethernet connection OS X 10.3.9 to Performa OS 7

    Trying to Connect to Server over what was (as of OS X 2 or thereabouts) a working connection to my old Performa running system 7.5 (File Sharing is on). Server address I'm using is afp:/at/Performa:* Result: "Looking up Performa" for about 5 seconds, then "The Finder cannot complete the...
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    G4 Panther Won\'t Sleep-- Bad Display Usb Hub?

    In the last few weeks my Mac doesn't sleep; when I press the sleep button, it starts to sleep, then re-awakens after a second or so. I believe I have isolated the problem to the USB hub in the display; if I start up with the display not connected, wait for startup to complete, then press the...