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    Is OSX moving closer to XP?

    The problem with windows is it runs windows apps.
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    Apple just doesn't get it.

    Compare with Xeon prices. Apple's prices are VERY competative!
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    If you have to ask...
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    How do I play avi's through Quicktime?

    BTW there are at least three different Mac OS X utilities to convert AVIs to MooVs. Some work where others don't, and then even when they work sometimes you have to adjust the bitrate on one of the streams with QTPro.
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    Need to run a simple Win32 OpenGL app?

    If you want to experiment using the game above:
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    Need to run a simple Win32 OpenGL app?

    Here's a Win32 OpenGL game (low quality JPEG). Looks exactly like these screen shots (sans Windoze title bar):
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    Need to run a simple Win32 OpenGL app?

    PS That's GlInfo.exe running.
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    Need to run a simple Win32 OpenGL app?

    I can run some simple Win32 OpenGL (and probably Direct3D) apps using WINE in Linux in VirtualPC. Why WINE? Because you can use accelerated GLX thanks to Apple's Xquartz. VPC6 has an option to run the emulator at full speed in the background which is almost a necessity.
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    New X11 for Mac OS X and KDE

    OK, I solved the Fink problem. All I had to do was install the X11 SDK from Apple (which was well hidden)
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    X11 Help

    I got Fink to work with Apple's X11. 1) install Apple's X11 2) install Apple's X11 SDK (required!) 3) install Fink's system-xfree package (sets xfree dependencies)
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    How does one launch an ".app" from a shell script?

    also: osascript -e 'launch the application "System Preferences"'
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    New X11 for Mac OS X and KDE

    They have an official Jaguar release. The new wget from the stable tree works now. I just needed to update it. The only lingering problem is that one package.
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    New X11 for Mac OS X and KDE

    I think I'll wait for an update to xfree86-system. Fink seems to have a lot of broken packages since 10.2. I can't even get wget to work without recompiling |-\
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    Personal Laserwriter 320 and X

    or run Apple's free LocalTalk bridge utility on a old Mac (even a 68k Mac)
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    Serial access in Classic

    slur, just because Mac OS X has access to serial ports doesn't mean Classic exposes these ports to the virtual environment! Classic does NOT, I repeat NOT provide virtual ports for Classic apps to use. The only way to allow Classic apps to use built-in ports while using Mac OS X is if there was...
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    Porting Windows programs

    Using POSIX is OK so long you don't assume file paths are constant, since they aren't. This isn't a problem when programming tools for UNIX gurus, but Mac users expect apps to know where files are when they are moved. Thus file primitives at runtime ought to be NSDocuments or FSRefs and...
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    Porting Aqua and Quartz to x86

    xnu is the kernel, not Mach. The file is named Mach and it contains the bulk of OSF Mach 3, but it has a lot of other stuff in there. hint: Mach isn't a 3.7MB binary. xnu is HUGE! As for what is an OS and what isn't an OS the classic definition of an OS is a program that creates an abstraction...
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    New Game Project...

    You can use SDL and Quesa together. Quesa is basically a toolkit for OpenGL and is why it runs on Win32, Mac OS, Mac OS X, UNIX/X11, and even BeOS.
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    Opensource vs. Safari

    If KHTML had been GPL that would have made it more likely that Apple would have chosen to use a different code base. As for Safari, it's a very thin app. Most of the code is in the Frameworks. Safari doesn't offer much except a way to organize bookmarks. It's like saying Windows was open...