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    OmniWeb Still Not Stable?

    Running the beta6, OmniWeb still does not seem stable. It hung twice in the first 30 mins. I killed it and restarted it each time. Now I'm back to IE :-(
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    How to make AirPort work!

    From the MacNN OS X forums board: you *CAN* use AirPort from OS X! See: [Edited by fmalloy on 09-30-2000 at 02:06 PM]
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    New OmniWeb is Here!

    OmniWeb 4.0 beta 6 is now available! I have downloaded it and installed it. It is supposed to fix the freezing bug where it hangs with a spinning color wheel and you have to force quit it, plus other fixes. I'm running it right now. Let's see how it works!
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    Where is the swap file?

    I'm curious - where does X put the VM swap storage? If you are low on disk does the VM file minimize your memory capacity? Can I move it to another disk?
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    JetClock Font

    I'm using the shareware JetClock, which lets you put a good 'ol clock in the menubar where it belongs. Works well, problem is the default font is that goofy "Sand". When I try to change it using "Show Font" (there isn't a Preference for it), it does nothing. I can change the format, the color...
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    OmniWeb Stability?

    On the recommendation of the OS X boards, I downloaded and installed the OmniWeb browser. The Stuffit Expander kept giving me -50 errors when unstuffing, so I went into the UNIX terminal and used 'tar xvf', which worked fine. I've heard its supposed to be extremely stable, but I've had it...