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    Bootmanagers for the Mac

    Which Linux distribution are you using? Linux PPC comes with a gui for bootp, this shouldn\'t be an issue. It will let you switch between whichever LinuxPPC/MkLinux, and Classic OS, and the option key will let you switch between classic and X. I dont know about OpenBSD, but there has to be...
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    What\'s with all the backslashes?!

    Its not you, its the script (the bbs). Everywhere there is an apostraphe, it is putting in a slash, so it is not executed. I\\\'m new to php, but its got something to do with commenting out the apostraphe. I think.
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    Tar and Gzip 'ing a directory

    If I have a directory "scooby", and want to tar, and gzip this, what do I type? I tried this: ----- tar -cz scooby ----- then i tried ----- tar -cz scooby scooby [for a source and destination] I can't get it though, I have had various errors, some pertaining to the location...
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    my server is screwed up...

    Do you do any troubleshooting on your own? The answers to your questions are on (documentation)
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    is os x's webserver enough???

    That is apache. And I would recommend doing some searching. Everything you need to know on apache is here, don't expect everyone to spell it out for you. (Yes, I've seen your other posts.) [Edited by anothermacguy on 12-21-2000 at 12:14 PM]
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    ftp user access (restrictions)???

    The typical way to do this would be to put the users that you want localized to their home directories in the chroot file (/etc/chroot). This functionailty is not there in the PB, and chroot will only work with anonymous ftp. There are a number of places to learn how to setup OSXPB for aFTP...
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    taskbar for mac os x

    sorry, didn't check it
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    firewall software for os x?

    There is a firewall, of course. I find Brickhouse (can be found on to be an excellent app to configure OSX's firewall capabilities.
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    taskbar for mac os x

    yes, go to The project is looking for developers
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    Great, thanks coal. I started to compile the modules it wanted me to compile, and two out of three went fine. The third, the mysql-modules, are not compiling properly. All the issues are detailed in the developer forum at Thanks again!
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    Initializing OSX partition

    I have a copy of Linux PPC on disk (the installer). The first step in that installer is partitioning the drives, by way of a PDisk. Since I used it for the first time, it has become my favourite partitioning utility. If you have a burner, I suggest you download the LinuxPPC disk for...
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    MySQL DBD modules

    Has anyone successfully installed the DBD::Mysql module for Perl5? Better yet, has anyone been able to use the mysqladmin script? Any help would be greatly apprciated. I get the following error when running make: [localhost:Library/Desktop/Msql-Mysql-modules-1.2215] root# make mkdir blib...
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    setting up ftp

    Sorry guys, I don't know what I was smoking that day. I could have sworn I had those directories hidden. The only thing I could do, as I'm sure you have done, is hide everything within the /System, /usr, and /bin directories (chmod 111). My apologies. [Edited by anothermacguy on...
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    Hello, I'm trying to install the mysqlman cgi script to manage my MySQL server. After installing the script, I recieved an error produced by the script, stating the following: ------ Error loading required libraries Reason: Can't locate in @INC (@INC contains...
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    setting up ftp

    No, it is possible to hide those directories. Change the mode so that it is not viewable, but still executable. You may have to play around with it, but it does work. I have them all hidden for the same reason. Unfortunately, I'm not at my computer right now, and cannot print my ~ftp...
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    BrickHouse --- HELP!

    Sorry, but I don't have access to Brickhouse right now. But I think I can help. The only tab you really need to be concerned with if your not an advanced user is the default screen (the one with all the checkboxes). Choose the options you want, and then click on Save to settings (or whatever it...
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    Terminal Startup Script

    I don't know for sure. But have you tried creating a script using scriptwriter or whatever its called (in Utils), something like: #!/bin/sh /PATH/TO/PROGRAM/HERE And then putting this script into your login items? There also may be a checkbox for "run in terminal". I can't check right...