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  1. gumse

    iSync and P800 no go

    I could not get iSync 1.1 to work with my P800 (iSync just went into a loop and I had to force quit) so I upgraded the P800 at a SonyEricsson Service Point to the latest software. Phone: CXC162002 RD2 Bluetooth CXC12529 R5A Now when I try to sync, it takes a while then it seems to go ahead...
  2. gumse

    Vote for OS X

    Check out the voting at
  3. gumse

    DragGrayRgn problems in CW10

    When upgrading to Jaguar an old program written in C in CW10 starts to act weird (running in classic). DragGrayRgn does not erase the rect when dragging, leaving a trail of black rectangles om the screen, in 10.1.x it worked ok. I know it's a wild try to ask such a question here, but someone...
  4. gumse lost all mails

    Suddenly when i started i was back to day 1 , all my mail and accounts where gone. In Library/mail I can see that all mails are in their mboxes , but can't see them. I have fsck'd and updated privileges. After that some of my older, imported mails show up, but not my Inbox...
  5. gumse

    CodeWarrior 8.2 Java and 10.2.1 problem

    Any Warriors here? When trying to make swing (or AWT) layouts in CW8.2 I have run into some problems, no matter how i create frames, application wizard, applet wizard or manually, I get the frame in the layout editor, but it's all white. I turn on and of the grid, no grid shows up. I...
  6. gumse

    No printers work anymore

    I get a strange phenomena when I try to print. I have a Ethernet-LaserJet and a USB-DeskJet. They have both worked ok before. But today when i try to print i get the "Preparing" dialog and then after 0.5 seconds i get a dialog saying "Error while printing". I have restarted the computer...
  7. gumse

    Interesting Finder bug

    Take a file (or folder), lets try folder "test". Duplicate it, then we have "test" and "test copy". Put "test" in the trash. Create a new folder , rename it to "test". Try putting it in the trash. You get "The operation cannot be completed because an item with the name "test" already...
  8. gumse

    Webcast from Paris ?

    Anyone heard anything about web casting from the Paris keynote tomorrow ? This year I don't have the time to go to Paris, but it would be nice to see the keynote.
  9. gumse

    AirPort Software Base Station problems.

    My gf just got her new TiBook (the big one) , so I installed a AirPort Card in my G4(Jaguar) so that she could share my network connection. It works ok in the same(very small) room, but when I get 3-4 meters away it looses the signal. Even when there's only a thin plaster/wood wall between...
  10. gumse

    Jaguar Terminal International chars??

    Anyone with Jaguar who have noticed if Terminal supports input and output of international characters (like Swedish ÅÄÖ) ?
  11. gumse

    Classic port of libpq ???

    First I must say, Postgres rocks. I just finished my migration tool from Dtf to Postgres, 40Mb of data imported in 38 seconds. I'm used to this taking about 3-4 hours in dtf. BUT, my question is, has anyone successfully ported libpq to "classic" mac os , 8-9 ? I really need it bad :) I'm...
  12. gumse

    Classic quits by itself

    Classic quits itself every 2-3 hours or se, even if I don't have any classic apps running. It think this started after the 10.1.1 upgrade. Anyone else with the same problem? In console.log it looks like this: Nov 20 18:12:43 localhost Classic[6444]: blue_handle_exception: unhandled...
  13. gumse

    Terminal and 8-bit chars

    How do I configure Terminal to use 8-bit chars, like (tried some a and o with dots over them, didn't work so well in here ) Changing the String Encoding in terminal Prefs does not help.
  14. gumse

    Mouse speed resets itself when switching USB

    Can't say that this is a problem of general interest, but perhaps someone else noticed it. I have a 8600(with USB card) and a G4 connected to a LaCie monitor. The monitor is equipped with dual Video in and USB connectors so that when you press the A/B switch on the monitor you can alternate...
  15. gumse

    smb works from iMac, not from G4-400/MP

    This puzzles me quite a bit. When my gf (on a iMac DV-500) enters smb://pece/PECE in the "Connect to server" dialog she is connected to my W98 pc and asked for user-password and then she's in. When I do the exact same thing on my G4-500/MP i get the usual error 1 dialog "No file services...
  16. gumse

    Restoring from backup

    I had some problems with the drive that I also had X on (another partition) and I had to reformat. After the reformat I restored all the files on the X disk wich I had copied to DVD-Ram in OS9. But now I can't boot X anymore, I just get a broken systemfolder and nothing more. Is there...
  17. gumse

    File rename error

    A weird error indeed. I have a file named test1 , I want to rename it test01 (insert a zero) I insert a zero , press enter or click outside of file name, the zero is gone... Any other character works fine. This is regardless of the type of view chosen in Finder. Is it just me ? Can you...
  18. gumse

    mpgtx on OSX

    With the assistance of the author ( Laurent Alacoque ) I managed to build the mpgtx application for OSX. mpgtx is a CLI program for manipulating mpeg files. (join split etc.) The things that had to be done to make it compile are: 1) ln -s /usr/bin/cc...
  19. gumse

    BBEdit instead of vi

    A good line to have in your /usr/share/init/tcsh/aliases is: alias bb 'open -a "/Volumes/app/BBEdit 6.0 Folder/BBEdit 6.0/BBEdit 6.1 for OS X"' (substitute your own BBEdit path) Then you can edit text files with the command "bb filename" from Terminal. Sure beats vi. NB! If you...
  20. gumse

    Installing Finance

    I'm having trouble installing the program Finance (see attachment) , any hints ?