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  1. tismey

    Sound in to OS X?

  2. tismey

    How do I get a powerbook to run closed

    You can run them closed, but AFAIK only in clamshell mode, which involves having an external monitor plugged in. I don't think that there's a way of using the LCD screen, then closing the PB without it going to sleep.
  3. tismey

    South Korea 2 - 1 Italy

    The Korean guy who scored the golden goal has been sacked from the Italian club he played for. The coach says he won't pay a salary to the man who ruined Italian football!!
  4. tismey

    how to unzip a .exe?

    Actually, SOME .exec files are the equivalent of a .sea file on a Mac - self extracting .zip files. If you know for definite that the .exe file you are dealing with is just a .zip file in disguise, then you can simply rename it a .zip, and Stuffit Expander should unzip it fine. I've done it a...
  5. tismey

    how to burn mp3 cds with itunes??

    Might be a daft question, but when you insert your blank CD and the Finder asks you how you want to prepare it, are you selecting the MP3 CD option? I have had problems occasionally when selecting the wrong setting.
  6. tismey

    OS X won't start up on cube without a display connected

    OK, here goes. Apparently the usual solution is to connect a Mac - VGA cable to your machine, which fools the box into think there's a monitor attached. Unfortunately this apparently doesn't work on Cubes :( So, I found this which might be what you are after. Let us know how you get on -...
  7. tismey

    Jaguar 6C48 New Finder Preference

    I'm not going to get into a 'free speech' argument here, because it's boring and has been done to death in other parts of the forum. Ditto a conversation about warez. But lets not confuse the issues. The site has rules, one of which is that discussion of warez and where to obtain them is not...
  8. tismey

    OS X won't start up on cube without a display connected

    I was under the impression that the Xserve was the first Apple machine that would run OSX headless, but I could be wrong. You can get something that will plug into your monitor out on the cube to run it headless - it fools the machine into thinking it has a montir attached. I can't find the...
  9. tismey

    Soccer... err... Football Question

    Funny. Over here, it's the home team that goes first...
  10. tismey

    Herve's Bar & Grill

    I'll drink to that. Ladies and Gents, charge yer glasses for a toast!
  11. tismey

    Soccer... err... Football Question

    What has the time in Ireland got to do with it? The World Cup is being held in Japan and Korea! USA are doing OK - they're level with S Korea on points in their group, but behind on goal difference. As long as they draw or win against Poland on Friday, they'll go through to the next stage...
  12. tismey

    Herve's Bar & Grill

    If you mean Racer, I get the impression he was VERY offended by the whole thing... Hey, talk about spreading myself thin - tending 2 bars in 2 separate franchises!!
  13. tismey

    Disk Image...

    I doubt it - how would you mount the disk image in the first place?
  14. tismey

    Herve's Bar & Grill

    Aww, that's sweet Admiral. Thanks. I think I've about got up to speed with all the scary developments that occurred during my time out. Well, hopefully it'll get back to normal soon. And WHY OH WHY OH WHY do Apple always either (a) release a software update or (b) make a big hardware...
  15. tismey

    Where can I find PHP Application?

    At a basic level, it's a text editor. You can use it to edit text. Doesn't sound much, but BBEdit does it SO much better than everything else. If you use a text editor for programming or developing at all, and you haven't tried BBEdit then you're making your life so much more difficult than you...
  16. tismey

    Herve's Bar & Grill

    There's a Herve's 2? What HAS been going on in my absence? Anyway, who was waiting? There is free Pastis and Kronenbourg, and some pain au chocolat to celebrate the French exiting the World Cup. Get em while they last! *edited after reading the site announcement and answering my own...
  17. tismey

    Herve's Bar & Grill

    Don't get it... I really HAVE missed something...
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    Herve's Bar & Grill

    Hi Guys, miss me? Congrats to Ed and Admiral for their newly-appointed moderator status. But just you guys remember who keeps you lubricated.... Anyone fancy filling me in on what's been happening in the forums this last week? I can't be bothered to go through everything new. Any good...
  19. tismey

    Herve's Bar & Grill

    xoot, my friend, all bars get quiet from time to time. And then they get busy again. In some respects it's a good thing that Herve's is quiet, because it means that people are posting about other stuff - bear in mind that this is the place you stop to recharge your batteries after a hard days...