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  1. theCaptain

    DHCP problems!!

  2. theCaptain

    iMac G4 CPU upgrades?

    That kinda sucks, guess thats the price I pay for buying an iMac, although the machine has been great and has never given me any problems, just wish it had a little more juice in it.
  3. theCaptain

    iMac G4 CPU upgrades?

    I would kill for a cpu upgrade for my iMac G4 800, maybe a 1.2 or 1.4ghz G4 from Sonnet or Powerlogix. Is anyone else in my position? Im pretty sure the CPU is upgradeble after seeing some shots of the iMac G4 motherboard on xlr8yourmac; so it seems as if theoretically it could be feasible...
  4. theCaptain

    So is it 100% sure that 7B85...

    it better be... Just upgraded my machines
  5. theCaptain

    Is 7B85 the GM/Retail build?

    quick question, sorry im sure its been asked a lot.
  6. theCaptain

    Question about Cubase SX?

    First off, if you dont have it I strongly recommend getting it, it is incredible. I have a question, If I dont have a Midi keyboard or device, is it possible to record music simply using my computers keyboard and mouse as a midi device? If so how do I go about doing this?
  7. theCaptain

    Weird iTunes 4 font!

    ahhhh thank you Makgeek muuuuch better!
  8. theCaptain

    Weird iTunes 4 font!

    What is with the iTunes 4 font, I dont know how big a fan I am of it, but other than that iTunes 4 is glorious!
  9. theCaptain

    what ever happened to this Apple device?

    Anyone remember hearing about this it sounds cool.
  10. theCaptain

    10.2.5 when? lol

    Speaking of 10.3, has anyone seen anything or heard anything about it? Maybe Apple is really keeping the lid on this one but I find it kind of odd that no one knows anything about 10.3 betas or anything like that.
  11. theCaptain

    Help getting Rhapsody DR 2 for X86

    If anyone can assist me in getting a copy of Rhapsody DR 2 for X86 it would be greatly appreciated. I have Openstep 4.2 X86 and everything installs beautifuly but when I try to load it, it will get to a screen that says Openstep Loading, but just refuses to load. I would prefer to use Rhapsody...
  12. theCaptain

    New Ghz iMacs are really fast!!!

    I would strongly suggest you rethink that one buddy! strongly!!!
  13. theCaptain

    New Ghz iMacs are really fast!!!

    I wouldnt be lying if I said very fast. Rendering is very speedy in iMovie and FCP. Other than that all the iApps are instantaneous. Most other third party Apps seem to work very fast. I havent compiled anything yet so I will have to get back to you on that. If you live close to an Apple...
  14. theCaptain

    New Ghz iMacs are really fast!!!

    Chevy my good friend, I am speaking of day to day mac use, opening apps, navigating the desktop that sort of fun stuff. Run some photoshop tests and the DP would probablly smoke the iMac, naturally. By the way I forgot to mention before but if anyone cares the new iMac has Audio in!
  15. theCaptain

    New Ghz iMacs are really fast!!!

    I am married to a beautiful Italian woman for your information. She respects my mac habits because she knows how productive they make me. Its funny you should mention that Jason because my wife is a Graphic Design major. I will perhaps get you kids a pic of the screen, but it is essentially...