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  1. tismey

    Sound in to OS X?

  2. tismey

    Odd PPP connection issue

    Trying to troubleshoot my Mum's new flat-screen iMac before she sells it and buys a PC. has anyone else noticed an intermittent bug which will let you check mail, but not connect to websites? She's definitely got a connection, as I can ping servers etc, but when this bug occurs no browser...
  3. tismey

    Word X printing problem

    I'm trying to sort out my Mum's new iMac - she's having some weird issues with various things. This problem concerns printing to a Canon S450 from Word vX (full version). If she prints using File/Print, then it's fine. If she clicks on the 'Print' icon, then Print Centre launches and then...
  4. tismey

    You have to try this...

    Dock replacement software. Absolutely nuts...
  5. tismey

    New forum place

    Found this fairly fledgling OSX forum. Seems like t has some interesting stuff in it, not least of which is this tip which shows a good way of collecting different dialup settings under the Modem menuling, rather than having to go all the way over to the Apple menu.
  6. tismey

    Anyone had any problems since that IRDA update?

    Ever since Network prefences told me a new modem had been found, and asked me to click 'Apply Now', I've had problems successfully connecting to my ISP. It connects, but can't get anywhere. I can sort of fix it by making a 'change' in Network preferences (like typing my username in again) and...
  7. tismey

    Christmas is early!!!

    Mr Ettore has finally finished porting TypeIt4Me to OSX. This is the best Classic utility still waiting to be ported. I'm so happy!!
  8. tismey

    Cool idea for iPod users...

    Check out Contacts->iPod It will let you synch up your Entourage contacts onto your iPod, so your oh-so-desirable MP3 Player can be an address book as well. Nice idea....
  9. tismey

    Tibook DVD Sound problem

    I noticed the other day that I get an occasional, semi-regular drop in sound volume when watching DVD on my TiBook. I've tried different DVDs, and playing in both 9 and X, through both external and built-in speakers and it still happens, which worrying points me towards the DVD drive itself...
  10. tismey

    SMB: a yes or no answer

    OK: simple question, yes or no answer please, cos I'm confused. using the built-in SMB in X.1 can you connect to an OSX share/volume/gibbon/whatever from a Wintel box? If so, how? (I know how to do it the other way - thanks anyway!!)
  11. tismey

    (Apple)script and Terminal....

    I'm trying to suss out a way of scripting the terminal so that I can generate escape sequences. I have to telnet into some VMS boxes for work, and I'm getting sick of having to remember sequences like <esc>[29~ at 5am. So, I figured I'd see if the newly applescriptable terminal would let me...
  12. tismey

    Of 10.1, DVD, Tibooks and external monitors

    there's an interesting thread here explaining how to get your tibook to play DVDs through an external monitor under 10.1 - it still requires a reboot, but doesn't mean a switch back into 9 - hurrah! It basically uses the 'lid-closed' option for operating the tibook, fooling your machine into...
  13. tismey

    anyone else noticed?

    Odd one. A thread can have 17 replies, but no views. Seems to be happening a lot when you 'search new posts' is it just me and my browser?
  14. tismey

    Sound in to OS X?

    OK, just got my lovely Griffin iMic to get sound into my TiBook (and out at a slightly better quality). It works lovely under 9.2, but only goes in one direction (ie out) in 10.1. When I go to System Preferences > Sound, the iMic appears automatically in the drop-downs for 'Alerts' and...
  15. tismey

    You want a Cocoa Finder?

    Check out SNAX! It's a fully Cocoa finder-replacement, and it's great. It's only v1.1, and there are a couple of things missing from it (networking, column view), but it's a great start and it's fully optimised for 10.1 There are instructions on Mac OSX Hints for replacing the finder...
  16. tismey

    Lost time zones

    After having reformatted my Drive and reinstalled everything up to 10.1, my system now works, but all my times are American Pacific Time. When I click on the UK in Date & Time > Timezones , it says 'there are no time zones to select'. Uh? What about GMT, the daddy of em all? Anyone else had...
  17. tismey

    I Busted It!!

    Bollocks - I installed 10.1, and it worked luvverly. Then I removed a couple of things I didn't need anymore (things that no longer worked under 10.1), and messed about trying to get my DVD player to play through my telly (doesn't work, see other thread). But when I rebooted, I couldn't DO...
  18. tismey

    Free UK 10.1 upgrade

    Just rang Apple, cos there doesn't appear to be an address in Europe for you to apply for an upgrade, and was told that all Apple resellers will be supplied with free 10.1 upgrade packs FOR THIS MONTH ONLY. Unfortunately, the closest one to me is a PC World. I rang them, and could almost hear...
  19. tismey

    OSX and M$ Exchange Server

    Has anyone had any joy using OSX with Microsoft Exchange to read/send email? It's the last thing I need my work PC for, and I'd really like to be able to get rid of the horrible grey Dell box. I have Outlook installed on my Virtual PC, but the missing networking functionality means I can't...