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    Has anyone gotten the mod_auth_mysql either source or dso to compile under 10.2? If so can you please help a guy out by explaining anything special you did, I get the following error when I try to run it.
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    Whiners on the Board

    Hey guys I have noticed recently there has been a lot of personal attacks and whining going on. This board is about opinions and just because someone does not share yours does not make them "stupid", "morons" or any such. There are many discussions that I partake in that I disagree with people...
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    Version Tracker Has Starcraft!!

    Starcraft for OSX is Out!
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    Age of empires 2?

    Has anyone bought it yet (I have to wait til thursday), how is it? Is it a major improvement over the original (I love AOE1)? Please someone review it
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    SQL4X Manager MySQL Build

    As a mysql developer this is the most amazing front end I have seen, and with a price tag how can you beet that, well it all sets up a config file so you can auto start up and do other things like set login permissions, if you do mysql, get this tool!
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    Stoooopid iPod tricks

    I got an iPod today, so guess what I did, I put all my diagnostic tools and osx on it and made a bootable diagnostics, disk and file repair bootable mp3 player..... Apple I Wuv ewe
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    Bush Pisses Me OFF

    What a bloddy idiot, he claims we are all soldiers, BULLSHIT!!!! I do not support the mass destruction of any civilization especially when we are the cause of the people we are fighting. It is horrible what has happened but this man is just as bad as his father, I know I am going to get...
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    The Worlds Most Customizable OS

    This is what I spent my lunch doing, changing menus and graphics are so easy, I am going to create a whole Radiohead based OS (Can anyone tell me how to take a screen shot of the login screen, that is the coolest piece). I LOVE OS X!!!!!!!!!!:pcool dialog boxes
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    We are "A Fanatical User Base"

    I was just watching CNBCC talking about Apples Conference Call and the analyst was talking about the new "Product that is not a mac" and said if it has the apple look and feel it can find a popular following in the "Fanatical User Base" :D :D :D
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    Why I love OS X (you gotta see this!!!!!)

    I think today I can be called a power user! Check out these screenshots, the first make sure to scroll all they way to the right, the second is of all the processes running, I had more apps, but had to get back to work so.... also the second is doctored so you don't see who is running the...
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    Unreal Tournament

    The beta came out yesterday on, haven't tested it yet, but I w ill tomorrow!!!
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    Microsoft Word

    I have been using the public beta in 10.1 for two days now, and I must give credit where credit is due, they have truly made this a Mac app. it is fast, looks amazing and even the little bells and whistles are beautiful. I would highly suggest if you have 10.1 atleast download it and try it out.
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    Curios Cross Sectioning

    Just wondering what percentage of people here are under 18?
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    Ideas on how everyone can help

    I live in SF and have no idea other than to go down and donate blood and to care a little more for my fellow man to help out I hope others can post some ideas I want to help in every way I can
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    A time for understanding after the attack on America

    This attack is a dire situation and my and my families condolences go out to all affected and I believe that is all of America. I sincerely hope that we do not start looking at foriegners (SP?) as terrorist because that is worst than any terrorist attack when we start questioning our neighbors...
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    MySQL Problems

    I don't know how many times I have installed MySQL on other linux and mac osx boxes and have never had too much problem, but I try to compile MySQL for OS X Server and it compiles fine just when I got to start it this is the message that I get: root# safe_mysqld & [1] 448 root# Starting...
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    I found shoutcast server on version tracker, does anyone know how to make iTunes send audio to it or another osx mp3 player that can.
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    More of a series of book review

    I recently went down to Powells, the best books store in all the world!!!!, and noticed that O'Rielly is starting to right books for the mac, and I don't mean only OS X. I picked up a few ORielly books when I started using linux and I keep each and everyone by my computer, and now I have Mac...
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    Did everyone know that Radiohead are Powerbook Users :D Ever since The Bends came out I have been the biggest Radiohead fan, and each and every album they surprise me, I just wanted to know if there are others of you out there who think that Radiohead is the best band ever?