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  1. gumse

    USB Flash Disk Problems

    Take a look in DiskTool under the Partion Tab, you should find a "Locked" checkbox there. (I'm running a swedish system so I'm not sure exactly how everything is named in English)
  2. gumse

    USB Flash Disk Problems

    The most obvious would be a small write-protect switch, as seen on many USB Flash Disk. But I guess you already checked that :-)
  3. gumse

    java issue

    In Terminal: java -version
  4. gumse

    Classic in Tiger

    If you have another OS X machine with a OS 9 Systemfolder on it, you can just copy it over the network to the new Mac. You may have to move the System file out and back in to to "bless" the folder. Quit Classic before copying. If you have another Mac that boots into OS 9 you can't copy the...
  5. gumse

    Does PowerBook G4 have built in MIDI GM?

    I run Logic so I don't know about Cubase. But QuickTime contains a full GM implementation that can be used from other programs. You just have to find where in Cubase you can assign a channel to the QuickTime soft synth.
  6. gumse

    which JAVA VM in new OSX version?

    Any ant-guru that can tell me how to make ant use Java 1.5 for my compile and run tasks on Tiger. Preferably with ant tags so I chose wich JVM to use via ant. I have fiddled with build.compiler , but no success so far. I even tried the java-dev mailing list, but no help there.
  7. gumse

    Back-up Tiger DVD

    I don't thing "home cooked" ever DVD's works in the DVD Ram Drive in the G4. I sure doesn't work in my DVD Ram drive.
  8. gumse

    Apple-Expo Paris 2005 .. already

    Nice, Thanx for the info, I just registered.
  9. gumse

    Connect G5 to 8500

    Sorry, i'm running a Swedish system so the translation might have been a little rough. "Personal File Sharing" is the only one you have to enable. You also have to start SystemPreferences, goto Network and activate AppleTalk
  10. gumse

    Connect G5 to 8500

    Activate FileSharing and AppleTalk on the G5, log in from the 8500 via AppleShare in the Chooser. Log in with the username/password from your user id on the G5. I do it all the time from a 8600 with MacOS 8.6
  11. gumse

    Using your powerbook outside? FUTURE LCDs?

    The original Macintosh Portable worked perfectly outside in the sun...
  12. gumse

    Terminal to run after I log out

    nohup prog & where prog is the name of the application you want to keep running after logout
  13. gumse

    Mac Se30

    Dunno the value but... I have 2 SE/30 in the basement, works great with NetBSD
  14. gumse

    iSight capture/record-software

    GraphicConverter can record video.
  15. gumse

    SystemUIServer not responding...

    I often see systemUIServer not responding and I never connect any camera to this computer.
  16. gumse

    no acceptable C compiler

    Can't help you with the compiler, but if it's just postgresql you want, download a pre-compiled installer-package from
  17. gumse

    Biggest file?

    Thanks dktrickey, I'm glad that I was not wrong this time. I'm used to getting this kind of information, my girlfriend is a linguistic scientist, speaks 7 languages and is a perfectionist. So I get a lot of "friendly advice" and "help" from her all the time, but I love her anyway. :-)
  18. gumse

    Biggest file?

    In the Terminal: find . -size +1024 -print Finds every file larger than 1Mb, the size is in Kb , you probably want a bigger value if you are just interested in the really large files. The "find" command search from your current directory, so if you want to search the whole drive you...
  19. gumse

    Unix Tar - built-in?

    On my new MacMini BSD.pkg is pre-installed from the factory.
  20. gumse

    Unix Tar - built-in?

    I have just unpacked my MacMini, tar (GNU tar 1.13.25) and gzip (1.2.4) are installed from the factory. I did no installation of my own, it came right out of the box, just upgraded to 10.3.8 via software update.