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  1. Gebloss

    Mail issues

    Bad news. I always save my files on disk!
  2. Gebloss

    Would you prefer to work from home or work in office?

    Hi there. Personally I don't like to work in office, in my opinion it is much more comfortable to work from home. Also remote job is popular now due to covid. I work with trading and make good money on this. With these futures trading tips all people can do this. Just research all details.
  3. Gebloss

    Recover from incorrect restore

    Maybe you should use some data recovery tool from other PC? I don't know is it possible in general. But still I recommend to research this site there are many info about different data recovery. Hope this will be helpful for you!
  4. Gebloss

    Bitcoin/Ethereum/Other cryptocurrencies

    Good evening. I agree that trading is the most profitable possibility to earn on crypto! There are many different ways how you can do this, so I recommend firstly to research all possibilities in internet. Personally I work via exchange platform, it provides the best services...
  5. Gebloss

    Do you like to read?

    Good evening. Internet provides a lot of different ways how to spend time. Personally I usually read social networks and news sites. I follow sports, politics, popular people. Also I can take part in online contests, quite interesting activity and you can win prizes. With help of...
  6. Gebloss

    Recover Deleted Photos on Mac?

    Hello. Nowadays there are many cool applications to recover data, you can also find good variants for free. I recommend to start from this guide how to recover deleted files on Mac from CleverFiles website. Disk Drill is one of the best such apps! Just try!
  7. Gebloss

    What would you like to buy?

    Now I want to find some good sound system for home. Can you share some recommendations pls? For example what do you think about such wireless devices from Merchdope top pick? I liked that there won't be a lot of different cables!
  8. Gebloss

    The best Home Security

    There are many different security systems now. All depends on your needs. I also recently bought new house, but we don't live here now. Firstly I want to make a renovation here!
  9. Gebloss

    What is your favourite card game?

    I like card games, poker is my favorite! Gambling is quite interesting activity for me. Also I make bets on football and often win money. Highly recommend to try! If you want to check odds on future matches, just look here!
  10. Gebloss

    What would you like to buy?

    I need to buy something for house cleaning. What modern devices do you know? For example did you have some experience with steam mops? I read several articles about this and I know that it can help with floor cleaning. Also it can be such a good point to save your time for other important things!
  11. Gebloss

    Which pricing model is the best?

    I don't think that pricing model is so important factor when you choosing software development company. You should pay more attention on experience and technologies. I'm now cooperating with Dteam company( for my site creation and I pay for the working hours. All is very simple!
  12. Gebloss

    Which foods would boost up the immune system?

    I think healthy food and regular workouts are the main factors here..
  13. Gebloss

    What is your favorite game?

    Hey. If you mean video games I like to play some multiplayer shooters, but not often. Recently I installed Valorant, very cool game, highly recommend to try! I also want to order rank boosting from these guys provide good services.
  14. Gebloss

    Budget Beach Holiday January/February

    What do you mean "cheap"? There can be dozens of different variants. I think if you have a vacation you shouldn't save money on your rest. You can always get some add money from online services like and after time return these funds.
  15. Gebloss

    What is your hobby?

    I like to do many different things. For example it can be workout in the gym, of playing football with friends. Also I like to watch professional matches, it is also very interesting. I usually read odds and predictions for all matches every day, it is quite useful if you like sport betting.
  16. Gebloss

    Anyone left?

    Of course yes, there are many different people nad visitors!
  17. Gebloss

    Where to spend a vacation in September?

    I usually choose some warm places near the sea or ocean.
  18. Gebloss

    Is it safe visiting Ireland?

    Yes, why not? are you afraid Conor?DD
  19. Gebloss

    Do you miss your childhood?

    Yes, sometimes...I think everyone thinks so:)