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    Image Magick for OS X

    i was able to install it. thanks :D
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    10.2 Installation

    i'm pretty sure there's a clean install and upgrade option
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    Another Comic Thread

    lol i don't think its THAT good but thanks.
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    Another Comic Thread

    here's my latest comic strip, its about the macworld, what if i was able to attend one...
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    here's my desktop with a wallpaper
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    Another Comic Thread

    here are some of my comic strips..
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    Picture of your setup

    here's a pic of my desk at work
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    Satanicpoptart's Art Gallary

    here's a comic strip i did...
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    Google & Dilbert

    google is looking for a new logo idea.
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    Your website

    here's my site.. basically my site contains all my artwork, sketches, illustrations, paintings, 3d graphics etc.
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    Palm Desktop 4.0 final released!

    i downloaded the installer again , uninstalled it and installed it again. now it seems to be working. very strange.
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    E.T Email Home

    For some reason the new iMac reminds me of E.T and E.T reminds me of the new iMac. Maybe because of the big head, long neck, and round body. Anyways I decided to create this image. I wonder if Steve Jobs would use it in one of his ads.
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    Palm Desktop 4.0 final released!

    i downloaded the final release and installed it. i was able to sync it at least two times. after that it won't sync anymore. i keep getting this warning on my palm Vx "The connection between your handheld computer and the desktop could not be established. Please check your setup and try...
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    desktop pics

    my screenshot is pretty big since i'm running dual monitors.
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    check out the iBong aka Mac Bong,2125,50820,00.html
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    Flash MX RELEASED!

    took me 20 minutes just to get to the download page. as we speak, i'm downloading it now. 889 bytes/sec and i'm on a dsl
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    simple opengl program

    i'm also trying to learn opengl on a mac, mostly under mac os x. like you guys said is a good place for tutorials. i started off doing a simple one like creating a 3d box and rotating it on its x and y axis. when i ran the program, i decided to do a top on my computer...
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    Happy Birthday!!

    "I wonder what apple gave him for his Bday :P" hehe maybe a turtle neck shirt and blue jeans for the next mac world expo. i notice he wears that most of the time :P
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    Happy Birthday!!

    Lets wish Steve Jobs Happy Birthday. I believe its his birthday (Feb 24). If not you can wish me happy birthday then, heheh I'm finally 20 yay!!! I'm not a teen anymore!!! :D :D :D :D