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    webserver kit??

    p.s this where my ini file is /usr/local/php5/lib/php.ini and when i open it in terminal i see ; UNIX: "/path1:/path2" ;include_path = ".:/php/includes" << in the article it says uncomment this which i do but i still get the 'unidentified error'
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    webserver kit??

    hi guys i have installed webserver kit all in 1 php5, apache 2, mysql5... all works horray!! here is the dilemma i have installed phpmyadmin to build a simple db and link it to DW8 php page to get data using sqlconnection feature when i try to sleect my db i get an "unidentified error" i have...
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    I cant take it anymore!!!!

    Hi guys, im a newbie to mac and have a powerbook ppc 10.4 I have tried and tried to install apache 2, php 5, mysql and php myadmin and have royally messed up 4 times. so now if there is anyone in scotland near edinburhg/glasgow who can help please get in touch I am happy to pay (not too much...
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    how to remove php and my sql

    how do i remove all php my sql so i can reinstall if this is possible
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    Cant switch web sharing on !!

    HI guys im new to all mac issues, i was installing php and mysql when i tried starting web sharing the start button shadows and it doesnt start and show my local host link at the botom????? im on 10.4 tiger
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    keyboard M & N

    its cool guys just had a studio prank pulled on me
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    keyboard M & N

    hi all, when i type N its presents M and vice a versa how do set the keyboard, i an sure in getting messed about at work, so please cam you help me
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    master & slave montor

    hi guys , i have 2 monitors: from my imac g5 running osx 10.3.9, i installed span doctor which enabled me to move from 1 screen to another but how do make my imac the slave and the new monitor the master ??? :(
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    hi thx for yor reply very helpful i git in and made thechanges as mentioned in the macromedia link but when i go try test a sample php page i get a Forbidden You don't have permission to access /~lhardie/phpinfo.php on this server. Apache/1.3.33 Server at reginald.local Port 80 any ideas why...
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    hi all i am running jaguar 10.3.9 osx i have installed mysql and now want to config my in the etc folder i have opened terminal, but cant locate this file although i can find it using go>go to folder, basically i want to allow php as tut...
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    hi all easy q ??

    when i type in http://localhost/ where is the folder that will look to ?? :(
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    how do i set up a local host on panther

    i have used pcs all my days but now hae started to use a mac where is my local server or as in pc how do i set my wwwroot folder to test scripts locally many thx in advance foir any help :confused:
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    i am a total newbie

    oh right, im using internet explorer
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    i am a total newbie

    hi thanks for your reply had look there bt theres nothing there...any other advice p.s thx for ur reply
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    i am a total newbie

    hi all, where on a mac are the temporary internet files kept ?? :o