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    panic(cpu 0):Unable to find driver for (PowerMac2,2)

    I guess, the iMac ended up in a weird state because I had 10.1 installed and the security updates. Reinstalling 10.0 caused the system to not boot, but booting with the 10.1 and reinstalling 10.1 has the iMac happy again. Or, so I hope. Hardy
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    panic(cpu 0):Unable to find driver for (PowerMac2,2)

    I was working on my PB and the iMac was playing iTunes. The iMac reset all by itself and didn't want to boot. The random reset is new, but the not booting and having to reinstall OS X isn't a new happening. When I reinstalled 10.0, I can boot up from the OS X 10.0 cd, check the disk, install...
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    email listserver/majordomo?

    Programming for the Palm is too much like unix installations, I try to limit the number of gray hairs being created. If Apple releases a Newton device in the same form factor as the Palm m505 then I won't ever complain about unix stuff again. :D Hardy
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    email listserver/majordomo?

    Thanks Admin, But, I'm looking for Macintosh-easy, not unix-easy. I'll putz around with downloading python, mailman, gcc, and everything that is necessary to try to make this work, but I'd really like a single executable that I can double click on and start managing an email list. Hardy
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    email listserver/majordomo?

    Majordomo will work, but for the unix challenged does anyone know where there are step by step installation instructions? Then again I'd prefer something with an GUI. Hardy
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    email listserver/majordomo?

    I'm looking for an offline email list server to run on OS X. Macjordomo is along the lines of what I'm looking for, but I wanted OS X native version. Are there any free ones available? Hardy
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    OS X + XP: Who will really win?

    So, you port OS X to intel (OS Xi) and say you need a xxx chip, firewire, usb, vga and a keybaord. You give firm specs for the hardware you do support. Drop support for the older technology like parallel ports. You could support a generic pc and all of the addons like printers and real plub and...
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    OS X + XP: Who will really win?

    Until the point that OS X can be installed and used on a PC box Micrcosoft will win. If Apple ever releases a version that runs on intel chips then it could be a different story. Hardy
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    Timed logouts and temporarily disabling accounts

    Changing the password won't work because I won't know the password to change it back to when they will be allowed back on. Hardy
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    Timed logouts and temporarily disabling accounts

    I'm looking for some software that will log out a user have a set amount of time. If I give the kids 1 hour a day on the computer or 3 hours a week then the program will log them out at the end of that time and not allow them to log back in. Also, on a related note, if the kids are grounded...
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    Rebooting into 9.1 after a crash

    The rebooting into OS 9 happens to me, too. I'm also been having problems with it rebooting and not booting back up at all. I'm forced to reinstall OS X. It will reboot fine for a little while and then not boot again. Virus, corrupt hard drive,??? What tools should I use to try to fix...
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    alternatives to Unix?

    I've always used Eudora. I've tried emailer, mail and others. I'm not sure what you liked about emailer, but eudora can ain't too bad. should work and there is a os x version. I've played with the beta a bit and it seems solid. I'm not using os x full time yet so I'm not using the...
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    Finder windows don't refresh

    It sounded like 10.0.3 was going to fix the problem of the Finder windows correctly refreshing when you type a 'u' to scroll the window down to show the files starting with 'u', but it doesn't. It works ok if I"m at the bottom of the window and type an 'a' to get to the top, but not the other...
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    Black screens playing Oni

    My screen goes black when playing Oni. I can still play the game, but nothing draws. It happens repeatedly whenever I shoot the glass targets during the training session. I turned off the screen saver and the energy saver because I thought that might be causing the problem, but they weren't...
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    Newton Information

    I have some links on my site... Clay's Newton Page and This Old Newt are probably the better sites. Hardy
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    ftp & telnet slow to connect

    I'm tyring to ftp and telnet from a OS 9.1 powerbook and WinME machine to a OS X iMac. All are on a private network in my house where I have an Airport base station acting as a DHCP server to assign IP numbers. I ftp to the correct IP for the OSX machine, but it seems to take 30 seconds...
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    GUI CVS or using from remote system

    I'm using Metrowerks 6.0 to develop Palm apps on a Mac OS 9.1 machine. I want to start using a version control system for my source code. MacOSX has cvs with it. Is there a GUI for the CVS system? Can I run cvs as a server somehow from my 9.1 machine? Hardy
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    Would you buy a Newton if it was re-released?

    The Newton OS 2.1 recognizes accented characters without a problem. The NOS 2.1 handwriting recognition is still awesome and nothing compares to how it was integrated with the rest of the system. (Grafitti sucks, sucks, sucks.) As for the hardware... Palm V size w/ Strong Arm processor...
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    Is there anything under x-windows or other unix windowing enviroments that have a similiar functionality? I'm willing to try to port it to OSX, but I need to find a place to start. I've done a bit of looking, but I haven't found anything so far. Hardy
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    OS X ON PC what if...

    What if it was as easy to port a windows app to osx as it is to port an existing mac app to osx? Make it a three step process like on the mac side of things. First run the windows apps in a classic environment like virtual pc, then allow the programmers to change about 10% of the code to run...