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    MacOSX 10.4 from an eMAC

    Can anyone see a reason why I can't use the MacOSX 10.4 distributed DVDs from an eMac and install it on a Standlone G4? Has anyone done this. Thanks for any comment
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    Anybody used MacOSX Tiger Server as desktop

    I've got the possibility of buying e legal boxed, but very cheap, OSX Tiger, its unwanted and an unlimited version. Has anybody out there used a Server version of Tiger for desktop. I'm a Solaris admin, and the only discernible differences are the neatly packaged products that come with...
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    Background noise removal software

    I have some original audio on a MacOSX system, the voice has been a little swamped by the sound of a projector next to voice. I am looking for some software to aid the recovery of the voice and remove only the background if possible. I am looking for software that can sample the regions of...
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    phpBB problem Safari/FireFox/etc

    Just setup the above service on my Mac at home as a testbed. When I attempt to login, a file is transmitted to the browser "index.php", this gets saved everytime, a pest. However during the process of transfer, the file is initially gived and "exe" extension. The problm is that all...
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    PowerBook keyboard light

    Hadn't noticed this as I've been using the book during the day, but the keyboard no longer lights up. I've set the Keyboard to light in low light conditions, but to no effect. Anybody else have this? If you fixed it what did you do? Thanks
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    Microphone jack on 17" 1.5Ghz Powerbook

    None of my microphones work, I have a headset with earphones (which work) and a Mic. The two phone jacks are the same. I thought this maybe the same problem as the G4 Quicksilver where the phone jacks is twice as long, NOT. Anybody got any ideas, I did look at some specs opn the web and...
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    Powerbook printing problem

    I've got a network at home of around 5 computers, they all see the Epson 760 connected to a G4. I plug in my new Laptop (and also the drivers), but it cannot see any shared printers. Turned off my firewall, fiddled with the sharing options just in case, but to no avail. Its not easy to see...
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    SCSI card for Pwerbook 1.5Ghz G4

    Anybody used a SCSI card with the above laptop. Had a look at the Apadtec site that has SCSI to USB converted, but only supported on PC. I have a SCSI 35mm Slide scanner and use it with a G3 and VueScan. I need to get mobile with this but have no information on SCSI interfaces for Pwerbook...