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    Star Wars Battlegrounds for mac! Hoorah

    Did I pick it right or what!? Aspyr announced SW:Battlegrounds for mac in the Keynote!
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    Making animated gifs in osX ?

    Can anyone give me a heads up on a program that can run native in osX to use to make animated gifs. I usually like to use fireworks by macromedia, but theres still no carbon/cocoa version of this anywhere near the horizon. I haven't looked very deeply into graphic converter (perhaps it has...
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    Only Mortal - quake3/wolfenstein online browser for osX 10.1.1+

    Up till now I've been making use of Torq's Q3 server sniffer, an alpha program he was coding in his finite spare time for the benefit of the few mac heads who frequent the mac discussion thread at Its been well worth the downloads every time. Yesterday however I was pointed to...
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    Keyboard shortcuts for monitor controls?

    As I reached blindly for my volume down/up control keys on my apple pro keyboard the other day, I accidentally hit the f15 key, which raised the monitor's contrast a level. On screen a display very much akin to the volume indicator popup, but for contrast appeared. f14 and f15 seem to raise...
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    Version tracker has a pakrat for X listed

    Pakrat for X alpha/beta whatever has been released :P its pretty swish I must say, its quick to load, opens all my quake/quake3 paks and model files and I can even view and move around in the map files in 3d with textures and lighting without loading the game! Great stuff, and a handy too for...
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    10.1 appears to have broken my mouse and k/board ?

    Since the update to 10.1 my pro apple seethrough 'dust magnet' usb keyboard (connecting through the usb port on my monitor) works ok except that the eject key no longer works, which it did in 10.0.4 :rolleyes: Similarly I appear to have lost the mouse menu option of 'holding down the button'...
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    Erk DVD region code and 10.1 !!?

    I watched a DVD movie (I bought from a computer swap meet) in the os9 DVD player, and it ran fine, it was pretty shonky but it worked. Today I got hosed by my local apple shop, where the philistines saw fit to charge me 20 bucks for a self burnt copy of 10.1 (no special manual, no box, no...
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    Stuffit Exp + privileges weirdness

    I set up a user with admin level access and logged in under that user, tried to run classic and was told I did not have sufficient privileges to run the application from the system folder. I logged into root account and set up admin privileges on the hard drive, then clicked the copy button...