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    Catalina Boot camp still on partitioning

    Macbook Pro 15in 2019 SSD MacOS 10.15.7 Catalina Trying to install windows, bootcamp assistant 75% complete in "Partitioning Disk..." phase for 3 hours or so now. It isn't hung (no beach ball) and isn't complaining. I can operate the system and I can look at "About" in the bootcamp assistant...
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    Specific type of flash drive blocked or ignored by Sierra

    Satcomer, these drives need to be Fat32 because they are going to be sent to a windows user.
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    Specific type of flash drive blocked or ignored by Sierra

    Hi thanks for this. Note that I can use other flash drives and peripherals – this isn't a particular port that has an issue. Also, I don't need to reformat these drives as they work on other macs and need to be formatted Fat32 anyway, which they are already. I'll try the recovery partition...
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    Specific type of flash drive blocked or ignored by Sierra

    None of these new flash drives can be seen by Disk Utility on my system. They are being blocked/blacklisted/denied at a much deeper level. Anyway, please follow my logic. What I *originally* experienced was a flash drive that faulty. It mounted and unmounted so fast that some part of the...
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    Specific type of flash drive blocked or ignored by Sierra

    Hi Cheryl. This is nothing to do with the brand. This is to do with a specific USB flash drive that had an issue being flagged on the system to be ignored, that now means that others of the same type don't load (are ignored). I just want to know where that type of blacklist/log would be kept so...
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    Specific type of flash drive blocked or ignored by Sierra

    Just to clarify, I have 5 brand new flash drives that aren't identified (are ignored). This is, I believe, because one of the same brand misbehaved to such an extent (mounting and unmounting itself rapidly due to power issues) that something about this type of drive is "flagged" by the system...
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    Specific type of flash drive blocked or ignored by Sierra

    Thanks but that's nothing to do with it. I only have a problem with Toshiba flash drives. I had one that had power drain issues or something, and subsequently the system has decided to ignore them. I haven't used windows since Windows 3.1.
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    Specific type of flash drive blocked or ignored by Sierra

    I've had a problem with a specific type of flash drive in the past that did something such as connect/disconnect rapidly and seems to have led to a situation where that brand of USB stick is ignored now by MacOS Sierra (they probably all identify themselves to the system with the same name for...
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    Bookmarking Nas Connections

    I have a QNAP NAS and would like to be able to somehow 'bookmark' the different users that I can connect to it as. It is connected to my network via AFP. For example: click a bookmark and connect to it as 'Admin' click a bookmark and connect to it as 'Zimzim' What is there that I can use that...
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    Migrating After Clean Install

    I've just updated from Yosemite to Sierra by means of a clean install. Now I have two hard drives, Sierra (new) and Yosemite (old). I don't want to use migration assistant as the whole idea of the clean install was to leave behind all the accumulated crap from several OS upgrades. However...
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    Maximise all open document windows

    I often have documents open at smaller sizes that the full screen area. When I open many documents in an application I'd like them all to open at the full screen size. Does anyone know if there's a way to maximise all open document windows in this way? I know about tile and cascade - that's...
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    lost access to computer iphone syncs to

    Sorry if this question has been asked before, I searched and searched but couldn't find anything similar. I can't believe it's unique though, perhaps I'm not using the most obvious search terms. The computer that I sync my iphone to was stolen. My new one won't let me sync to it as it...
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    New Hard drive in Mac Mini problems

    Reference > Mac Mini A1176 Following a hard drive failure, i put a new hard drive into my mac mini using one of the online guides. It seemed to go very well and I'm good at following such things and tech savvy. The drive was a working one from another mac mini (which was replaced to increase...
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    Has my MacPro got wifi built in?

    Hello I have a Mac Pro (Early 2008) Model IDMA970LL and I'd like to know if it has wifi built in. Sounds stupid I'm sure but I'm just not sure how to tell. I'm using MacOS 10.7.3 and if i start the airport utility it doesn't say anything other than I've already got an ethernet connection...
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    G5/Leopard Mouse Cursor "outlined"!

    3 x Pram Zap seems to have cleared all the problems.
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    G5/Leopard Mouse Cursor "outlined"!

    I've just booted up my old G5 Mac Pro and everything seems to be fine except the mouse cursor is just an "outline" ... a white "stroke" (if you're into photoshop you'll know what I mean). I'm not running any special software that would do such a thing, and I rebooted using the OSX Leopard...
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    Cloned Drive Problems

    I cloned a drive with Super Duper, but I'm not having a few issues with it. The original drive was 320GB and the new one 1TB. The new drive works fine but some fonts aren't recognised by Adobe Indesign as being active, and some programs are grumbling that path information to certain folders that...
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    Unibody Macbook Pro and Leopard

    I've been trying to install leopard on a partition on my unibody macbook pro. When I insert the Leopard DVD (official!) it prompts to reboot. I allow it to reboot but the DVD hangs on trying to load. I've tested the DVD in Disk Utility and it passes. I've also tried booting off it using target...
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    Two magic mouse - same house, getting confused

    Thanks for the tip, I'll give it a go, hopefully this will solve the problem of my mousles.
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    Two magic mouse - same house, getting confused

    For some reason using two magic mice in the same house, the mice will connect with any computer configured to use magic mice. So you switch one on and suddenly you're controlling someone elses computer. is there no control over this?!