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  1. strobe

    Need to run a simple Win32 OpenGL app?

    I can run some simple Win32 OpenGL (and probably Direct3D) apps using WINE in Linux in VirtualPC. Why WINE? Because you can use accelerated GLX thanks to Apple's Xquartz. VPC6 has an option to run the emulator at full speed in the background which is almost a necessity.
  2. strobe

    gcc 3.1 vs 3.2

    Apparently C++ libs compiled with gcc 3.1 aren't compatible with 3.2 even though the 3.1 API was supposed to be 'stable' (my ass). How is Apple going to manage their situation? 10.2 is built with 3.1 and the dev tools are also based on 3.1. Either Apple will have to switch soon or they will...
  3. strobe

    Apple, please fix Cocoa

    I have yet to find a Cocoa app which doesn't drive me up the wall. Clearly there are some implicit Mac HI conventions which have not found their way into the Aqua HI Guidelines. For example: • When selecting text to the right or down, the trailing hard return (linefeed in UNIX) shouldn't be...
  4. strobe

    Please! Anybody have Mouseworks 1.1b2?

    The new version of Mouseworks has a bug, I need the older version for my TurboMouse 5
  5. strobe

    How to burn bin/cue files with Mac OS X

    I compiled cdrdao for Mac OS X. This can burn bin/cue files very easily. The only cue/bin pair which haven't worked for me thus far had spaces and hyphens in the filename. Changing the filename and editing the cue file to reflect that solved the problem. You can download my binary from here...
  6. strobe

    How to burn bin/cue file pairs

    I compiled cdrdao for Mac OS X. This can burn bin/cue files very easily. The only cue/bin pair which haven't worked for me thus far had spaces and hyphens in the filename. Changing the filename and editing the cue file to reflect that solved the problem. You can download my binary from here...
  7. strobe

    10.1.1 update logic stinks!

    Good grief Apple, your update mechanism SUCKS! What, I can't move into another directory without everything going haywire?! There used to be a time when file and folder location didn't matter. I could put the system folder wherever, I could move my applications wherever, I could...
  8. strobe

    GLQuake runs well

    You can download GLQuake for OS X here: Appears to work very well. So far my only complaint is it doesn't use an alias to save the id1 folder location.
  9. strobe

    Slowest mac able to run OS X...

    A 7600 120mhz 604 40mhz bus is the absolute slowest mac which can run OS X. How well does G48 run on it? drum roll please... It's actually usable! I used the built-in non-accelerated video too. Works great! It even used the Farallon 100BT card in it. Notes: If you want to try...
  10. strobe

    CFM failed to set the stack limit because requested limit is lower than current

    I get this error constantly. I get it whenever launching a PEF app. It shows up when I get the infinite VISE installer authentication loop of doom, and also when Mouseworks tries to run (and fail). It doesn't matter if I boot with no login items, this error haunts me. Has anybody found a...
  11. strobe

    How to make a "Login Items" folder

    The login items System Preferences panel is really stupid. It edits the prefs of the OS X login panel app including which apps to launch when a user logs in. Unfortunately these prefs often get wiped, and they are also fragile because they are full UNIX paths instead of alias data. I also prefer...
  12. strobe

    Tricks the Dock CAN'T do

    The Dock is very inflexible. Here are a few examples of what the Dock cannot do: • Switch between two apps easily using the keyboard • Switch windows using the keyboard • Split into categories • Show item names without hovering the cursor over items • Dock in non-primary monitor...
  13. strobe

    Window cycling

    This is some feedback I gave Apple. I'd love to know what people think: The Dock can already switch apps when you type command-tab, and it can already activate any window. Why not provide a mechanism to switch windows in every app like command-tilde? In fact while command is still being...
  14. strobe

    ATA33 = kernel panic

    Has anybody else come across this bug? I have an original G4 Sawtooth (AGP) and OS X will immediately panic on boot if the ATA 33 bus is connected. Otherwise it works fine. This is curious since I did boot 10.0.3 fine on this hardware setup, however after installing 10.0.0 fresh on another...
  15. strobe

    Holy crap, you can drag+drop text in Cocoa

    For some reason dragging text in Cocoa requires you to click and HOLD (for a second) then drag! No wonder I missed this feature! I've been bitching about this forever and finally ONE PERSON told me how to do it. Now we need to find out how to turn off the delay...
  16. strobe

    Sigh, another problem with Cocoa

    When one has a file open with a Cocoa app, if you move or rename the file and save it it will create a new file in the old location! This means instead of merely moving a file like mac users have been doing for decades, you have to save, close, move/rename, open. Gah! I don't see many...
  17. strobe

    New Flash plugin = total lock up

    Do NOT use the new Flash plugin which came with the Explorer update. It causes OS X to lock up (no cursor movement, can't force reboot from keyboard, sound on permanent loop). Only way to continue is to hit the reset button on the face plate or unplug the power cord. Just viewing the flash...
  18. strobe

    DISASTER! TrollTech ports Qt to OS X

    Worse than XTools using Aqua title bars, worse than the Aqua L&F plugin for Swing, TrollTech has ported Qt to OS X so now Qt apps, which are not mac apps, appear as mac apps. Now it would be another thing entirely if Qt apps running on OS X did not use an Aqua facade. However this is not the...
  19. strobe

    How to set the AA threshold of Cocoa text

    Before I explain how to do this I'm going to make clear that there is a HUGE difference in quality of anti-aliasing depending how the text is drawn. If it's drawn using DrawString in QuickDraw you are not getting anti-aliasing but in fact what apple called "text smoothing" which is like a one...
  20. strobe

    icon/desktop database problem

    Every new app I download shows the default application icon instead of it's own icon. The problem is universal regardless if it's an application bundle with a .icns file or a forked app with an 'icns' or other icon resource. Gah! Any suggestions? I think this happened after Classic rebuilt...