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    E.T Email Home

    For some reason the new iMac reminds me of E.T and E.T reminds me of the new iMac. Maybe because of the big head, long neck, and round body. Anyways I decided to create this image. I wonder if Steve Jobs would use it in one of his ads.
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    check out the iBong aka Mac Bong,2125,50820,00.html
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    Happy Birthday!!

    Lets wish Steve Jobs Happy Birthday. I believe its his birthday (Feb 24). If not you can wish me happy birthday then, heheh I'm finally 20 yay!!! I'm not a teen anymore!!! :D :D :D :D
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    menulings tutorial

    does anybody know if there's any tutorial on how to make your own menulings or is it called menu of those.
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    using applescript when idling

    i was wondering if it was possible to active an applescript when i'm ilding on the computer.
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    Interesting thing about the past of apple and windows

    i was reading the history of apple and steve jobs, basically how it all started. i was reading it at .. i came across something that is interesting... "At the same time, Sculley became locked in a battle with Microsoft's Bill Gates over the...
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    Spiderman movie trailer

    if you're a comic freak like i am, you gonna love this. can't wait until this movie comes out.
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    How to make a temp ipod case

    I love apple's ipod design, like using a clear hard case over it but the disadvantage about it is you can easily make a mark that will stay there forever. i wasn't gonna take that chance when i got my ipod. so instead of buying a 50 buck non-ipod case, i made my own. first, i used that...
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    site's button font???

    i was wondering what font did you guys use on the buttons. ie "user cp" "register" "calendar" etc
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    windows can't fly

    here's proof and its funny :P
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    Steve Jobs birthday?

    Correct me if i'm wrong but is Steve Jobs's birthday on the 24th of February?? Because if it is, i was born on the 24th of February also!!!!!! hehe i should get free apple products on my birthday :P
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    textView scrolling

    how do i get the scroll bar of textView to stay at the bottom always. for example, if i add couple extra rows to a full textView, i want it to scroll to the button to the new entries without the user scrollin down to see it. thanks.
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    adding quotes in string

    if i had a mutable string called myString and using the method appendFormat. how do i add quotes to the string that is bein added. for instance, [myString appendFormat:@"%@",[textBody string]]; i want to add quotes around what ever is put in.
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    people are reporting that itunes 2 from the apple site is wiping out hard drive paritions. there is an article from that takes you to a discussion on the apple site. here are some... I just installed the OS X version of iTunes 2 and it seems to have almost wiped all my...
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    memory tool

    i'm looking for a memory leak tool that i can install under mac os x. something like purify, which works under unix / sun machines i believe. what tools can i use? thanks
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    unreal tournament

    my g4 now has 640 mb of ram, installed unreal tournament. it's blazing fast! i say we have a unreal tournament. =)
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    WindowsXP ads..stop the horror!

    ok, so far i seen two windowsxp ads (which looks really crappy, they need real graphic artists) on the metro trains, saw one in a magazine and couple on public buses. make it stop!!!!!!!
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    Mac OS background

    I just finished creating a wallpaper for mac os and since i'm a nice person... i'm sharing it with you guys. the wallpaper is located at .... enjoy.
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    Kensington Webcam

    Does anybody have the Kensington VideoCAM PC Camera working under mac os x? or even under 9.2. it use to work under 9 but now it doesn't.
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    C and mySQL problems - please help

    i'm trying to use mysql in a C i decided to do a test run before i start...i end up having problems... here's my code... #include <mysql.h> #include <stdio.h> int main() { MYSQL *connection, *mysql; mysql = mysql_init(NULL); connection =...