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    Opensource Xbox in the "cards?" heheh
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    Although I have no love for the Register.... Just thought it would make a nice followup to the apple browser thread.
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    Wolfenstein Unexpected Quit

    Hey. I have been trying to get Wolf to run since I bought it when it first came out. My problem is that on any attempt to launch the app, all I get is "the application...has unexpectedly quit...." Nothing else. I have not even seen a splash screen yet. I have been in contact with tech...
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    Warning Will Robinson: lost file report

    from MacIntouch: I've duplicated this as well on three different machines and 5 different makes of drives with various connections. I feel bad for the guy but hope he isn't holding his breath for the "rebate.";)
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    just saw this: PC users read I know some on this board have "switched" so let them know what you think.
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    Mac OS mail reminder issues

    Has this happened to anyone else? I have been getting email from telling me a reply has been left in a thread to which I have subscribed, which is all well and good. However, these are from posts that were made two days ago and that i already received notices regarding...
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    :rolleyes: I don't want to start some Hitler Youth thing here, but could those responsible/mature members of the board please use the "report post" option when you see something blatantly offensive/racist/etc...? It's really tiring going through all these posts everyday to clean up someone's...
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    What twyg said...

    Now it's spread to my fora... Come on. My sister (8), brother (9) and soon my son (he's due next month but will be on a Mac as soon as I can prop him up at the keyboard!) read this. Twyg said it pretty well in his forum. Read his sticky. I don't want to censor people. I hate censorship. Let's...
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    Getting Static IP and need help

    OK, I'm switching from earthlink DSL (I know, I love them but they want >US$15/mo to give e a static IP) to DirecTV DSL. They offer static IP included in the price. and their home networking package, which will link all 8 of my boxes with my existing 12 port hub, is only US$9.99/mo with a...
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    OS 10.1.3 + NEC = fubar

    did they explain what, exactly, the issue is? Curious... Also, I copied this thread to OS X section. Please post any troubleshooting-type replies there, any input for apple re: this thread here at the original location. Thanks.
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    I read The Daily Probe every week... This week I found this: maybe spymac will have more info...:rolleyes:
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    Enterprise site

    cool VR tour and other fan stuff mentioned in quicktime news...
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    Tax Cut Problem

    Is anyone using Tax Cut to do their taxes? I CANNOT check status and the "help" that they have offered via email has not worked. They suggested a clean install from the CD and clean install of all updates. No good. Then they suggested running in OS 9 (and doing all the clean installs...
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    :eek: havn't we beat the horse to death yet?
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    Man I love my Prism!

    I got it with the Sprint phone attachment and transferred my sprint number over to it and it's my main cellphone now. I got Email, REAL web browsing, pictures (will come in handy when my baby comes in a few months). I just had to sing the praises of my new toy! Any good suggestions on...
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    Check this out

    It's from the Register and is titled, "It's the UI, Stupid." I sent some choice comments to the writer and suggested he rename the article "It's the USER, stupid."
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    PENTIUM based server?!

    Maybe it's just me - and I know cost is a big concern - but I would be much more likely to help defray some of the server costs if it was a bare bones Mac server. Frankly, I don't want any of my money going to support the other side. Really, I'm no fanatic, but it seems that MacOSX should be...
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    Rumor or fact...

    check out this link. Seems too open for Apple to me, but who knows....,aid,76263,00.asp :confused:
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    Where does Porthos "go"??

    Ummm. In the last episode he goes on the planet, but on the ship where does he go?? I mean he's always in the captain's quarters. Is there a crewman whose sole duty is to clean up after him? I have two Boston Terriers and if I didn't have a back yard, whooo boy! And he's on a ship. Any...
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    If you miss an episode

    I'm watching last week's episode right now 6pm EST on UPN... I missed it due to a celtics game. Nice. Thought some others had said they missed it, too. Hope this reaches you in time.