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    Hurray, just got my degree

    O, feels good. Just got my degree as a Bachelor of visual and media arts. It took some time but now I can get a real job or actually I just got one. Must start to save for a G5 :p
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    osx upgrades- when do I have to pay

    Just wondering how long the upgrades for OsX will be free... Any thougts?
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    Need some help

    Hello Please go to and on the bottom on the page vote for one girl on the left and the guy on the top right (Pakarinen), thats me. Press rosta (vote) you don´t have to register or anything. If I get amoung the 4 best guys I still have a...
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    Ok DISSAPOINTED (new ibook)

    Just bought a new Ibook today. Ok so I should be happy veery happy. But I´am not. First I thought that the Macs are supposed to work just by plugging them in. Dosent the add say "just 10min to get connected." I realized that my computer came with nothing installed. I really dosent mind so...
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    Our school got one dual g4 500mhz with osx 10.04 I agree that it could be faster but I´am satisfied. Now our school got new pentium4 1800mhz computers with xp profesional and 512 mb ram and they are dead slow compered to the g4. I thought xp is a revolution in speed and stapility. LOL
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    freehand 9.0.1 and OsX

    Does anyone got freehand 9 to work native in OsX. Its Carbon, ins«t it? Hell its not working for me. I tried the macromedia support page and they recognize the problem. Issue When launching FreeHand 9.0.1 in Macintosh OS X, an Application Launch Failure occurs. This triggers the following...
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    Idea for trash keyboard combo

    I hate when I try to empty the trash and I don«t got the privileges to empty it. There could be a keyboard combo so when you try to empty the trash you would be prompted with root password if you don«t have the privileges to empty something. Oje
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    is osx a true unix system

    This may be a stupid question as i«am not really now anything about unix but my friend (a real pc geek) tried to convince me that os X is not truly a unix system due to the mach kernel. If my friend was wrong could somebody please give me a god answer I could use to hit my friend with.
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    connecting to my appletalk network

    I have my computer connected to a appletalk network. Now after installing OS X i cant connect to the other computers anymore. I have appletalk enabled and I can see my own computer from the other computers but I can´t connect. From my OS X machine I can´t find the choser :) I just can´t find...
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    Help won´t help

    I have a problem with the Help program. When I search it gives me a list of related documents, but when I try to read the documents the help application just tells me it can´t find the html file. Why? Is the help file on my computer or on the net. I am always connected so even if the files arent...
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    Problems with Classic

    I have a problem that I find really annoying. When I download a sit file stuffit expander opens in classic. When I read documents tey tend to open in classic and not in the native TextEdit. I don´t want to use classic, I would like the option to prevent OSX from loading Classic. Click