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  1. theCaptain

    DHCP problems!!

  2. theCaptain

    iMac G4 CPU upgrades?

    I would kill for a cpu upgrade for my iMac G4 800, maybe a 1.2 or 1.4ghz G4 from Sonnet or Powerlogix. Is anyone else in my position? Im pretty sure the CPU is upgradeble after seeing some shots of the iMac G4 motherboard on xlr8yourmac; so it seems as if theoretically it could be feasible...
  3. theCaptain

    Is 7B85 the GM/Retail build?

    quick question, sorry im sure its been asked a lot.
  4. theCaptain

    Question about Cubase SX?

    First off, if you dont have it I strongly recommend getting it, it is incredible. I have a question, If I dont have a Midi keyboard or device, is it possible to record music simply using my computers keyboard and mouse as a midi device? If so how do I go about doing this?
  5. theCaptain

    Weird iTunes 4 font!

    What is with the iTunes 4 font, I dont know how big a fan I am of it, but other than that iTunes 4 is glorious!
  6. theCaptain

    what ever happened to this Apple device?

    Anyone remember hearing about this it sounds cool.
  7. theCaptain

    Help getting Rhapsody DR 2 for X86

    If anyone can assist me in getting a copy of Rhapsody DR 2 for X86 it would be greatly appreciated. I have Openstep 4.2 X86 and everything installs beautifuly but when I try to load it, it will get to a screen that says Openstep Loading, but just refuses to load. I would prefer to use Rhapsody...
  8. theCaptain

    New Ghz iMacs are really fast!!!

    I swear to god it feels like im on Dual Gig Tower they are soo speedy! I dont know if its the 133mhz bus, the DDR Ram, the 64mb VRam, 7200 rpm drives, the Ghz proccessor, or just a huge combination of all these (probablly this). This thing smokes the hell out of my 800 iMac and that is pretty...
  9. theCaptain

    Lengthy wait for iMacs may suggest Updates.

    The top of line 17 iMac has a shipping time of 7 to 10 days, while the low end 15inch iMac has a shipping time of 2 to 3 weeks, the rest of the models are listed at 5 to 7 days. Just you know previously these were all listed shipping in 1 day or 2 to 3 days. This sounds like iMac updates a...
  10. theCaptain

    Almost certain we will see new iMacs around the release of iLife!

    Do I have any proof? No but I do believe the new Powerbook 12in is competing directly with the flat-panel iMac. The new 12-inch Powerbook can be purchased with a Superdrive for $1,999 the same price as a 17-inch Flat Panel iMac. The powerbook has same or better graphics(Geforce 4GO), faster...
  11. theCaptain

    Canonscan OSX DRIVERS HERE YAY!!!!!

    Finally the Canonscan Drivers are here, seems like we have been waiting forever but we wait no longer!!!!! YAAAAY
  12. theCaptain

    DHCP problems!!

    I have a Linksys Ethernet Router, with my DSL connection, with a PC and three iMacs. I use DHCP to get IPs for all. This has all worked beautifully for a long time. All of the sudder one of my iMacs, the G3, cannot obtain an IP from the Router. Instead it self assigns itself an IP that the...
  13. theCaptain

    New iMacs at MWSF?

    Anyone hear anything about new iMacs at MWSF, maybe new Superdrives, 1 Ghz G4s, new graphics cards?
  14. theCaptain

    10.3 codename Panther, any info?

    Does anyone have any information at all about the next major OS X revision? I have heard a surprisingly small amount from Thinksecret which is usually up on this kind of thing. What features are people looking for?
  15. theCaptain

    Why isnt Cnet reporting on the new Powerbook and iBook?

    Does anybody find it strange that aka Cnet has yet to do a story on Apple's latest notebooks? Cnet is usually right up there with Maccentral in delivering news on Apple's product upgrades. I get the feeling that some company like Microsoft is paying them to keep it quiet about the...