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    Yet another hidden feature.

    I don't know how you ended up quoting me on that comment, but I didn't make it! Ciao!
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    Take a look my Deaktop

    the bar on the right side of his screen is the dock and there are a few little programs out that will do the hack to move it for you, or if you are adventurous you can follow these instructions: 1) Open a Terminal session. 2) Enter (at the prompt): sudo -s <--- this switches you into...
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    Yet another hidden feature.

    Maybe I'm misunderstanding your problem, but it would seem a simple solution would be to set the system alerts volume way down. That's what i do, now that i know it can be done. Ciao!
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    Apple's efforts to speed up Quartz?

    For what it is and how it works Quartz is a remarkable piece of programming. Currently however, their are no sufficient drivers or hardware to adequately allow the GPU to tak over the GUI control any more effectively than the CPU does now. The poblem in this case is that in being forward...
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    DVD on OSX

    While it might be nice, there are no real shareware/freeware alternatives for Mac OS X. Well, at least not any that will allow you to play copy protected DVDs. If however, you are into cracking DVDs or playing "at home" recorded VD content, then they work just fine. Ciao!
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    Two Macs on Internet via one line...

    Check for a program called gNAT. it will allow you to use the NAT system included in Mac OS X to make it a router. Although, please don't think that this is equivalent to a hardware router, it is not, and can put your machines in jeopardy of access on the Internet. If you...
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    Give me a BREAK

    Uhmm... that post was a month ago, so either you're a little late or I'm confused as to what you're refering to. My comment was oriented to the previous poster's allegations of 10.1 being released that week. It indeed will not be out until MWNY, which is in July. If you were trying to one up...
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    Apple Retail Stores...

    THEY WILL CARRY: All available Apple products, 3rd party hardware (including printers, tablets, PDAs, and digital cameras), and software for the Mac. They will not be doing build to order systems in the store to begin with, at least that was what was repeated from the press conference. but...
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    Forest pictures

    It's really not that difficult. Open the Finder, Navigate to System/Library/Screen Savers. You'll see a list of the root installed screensavers from your initial OS X install. Single click on the Forest.saver, then control-click it, or just control-click the dam thing. On the...
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    Apple Retail Stores...

    I'm pretty sure this is old news, but seeing as this thread was still near the top of the list, i figured I'd say it out loud just for safeties sake: APPLE IS INDEED OPENING A CHAIN OF RETAIL STORES. Two will be open tomorrow, in McLean, VA and Glendale, CA. There are 14 more confirmed to...
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    Poll - will OS X succeed?

    erdunbar, I appreciate all of your points, but I think they aren't as heady as you make them out to be, IMHO. As for the minimalist, approach, I too favor it. I hate the god awful clutter that accumulates on almost every windows desktop I have ever seen or used. but, for me, i have no...
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    Virtual desktops

    I've been away from these fora for maybe two or three weeks and you're still on multiple monitor support issues? Damn, things never change, do they? LOL I promise you man, they're fixing it, they're fixing it!
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    freehand 9.0.1 and OsX

    Freehand 9.x has some carbon elements built in to it, but it is not a complete carbon app. I mean seriously, don't you think if it were that Macromedia would have had a field day jumping all over the release of X, "Hey, Apple just put out this great new OS and our software already works on...
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    ICQ for osx

    Give us some specifics. What hardware are you using? What software? How do you have OS X installed? How much memory do you have? Was anything else running while you were trying to do the install?
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    Poll - will OS X succeed?

    This poll is misguided at best. First, while OS 8 and 9 are similar, they are distinctly different. particularly in terms of performance. Therefore, to compare to both of them, as you have grouped them together, is next to impossible. Second, the premise of your poll relies on OS X being...
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    Themes ...

    Theme projects have definitely been started for OS X. The problem with the whole thing thus far is two fold. ONE - being careful not to tread on Apple's intellectual property rights. One of the more promising theming apps, that was in the works, has been shut down by Apple legal, because in...
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    OS X and DVD

    There are two programs for watching DVDs, that are supposed to run on OS X. The problem is that they can only view hacked content, not the standard encrypted discs... This is for a reason. The encryption is IP protection. DVD players (hardware and software) have to be authorized by the DVD IP...
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    Help with internet / OS X please

    That's not completely true. While Windoze may have some built in technology to do peer-to-peer networking and half-assed sharing of Internet access points. We, as well, have that ability and in much more stable fashion, through 3rd party add-ons. WebRamp, and others, have dial-up sharing...
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    Help with internet / OS X please

    It's part of OS X Server. Personally, i think that's the only place it should be. OS X is not meant to be a sever platform, which is what adding certain features like DHCP would be turning it into, that would be blurring the line between the two products, which is very unnecessary!
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    Keeping the FORUM alive!

    Mrmille, AdmiralAK... she is very nice, I only wish she were mine. Alas the closest I have ever gotten to that luscious 5', 105 lb. body was when she was secretly dating one of my clients, but of course you know that that is Jennifer 'Love' Hewitt on my screen, right?