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    iPod Touch - Non Broadcasting Wifi Network

    Hello, Our Wifi network is unsecured and not broadcasting it's SSID. My iPod can connect to the network, but every time I turn on the iPod I have to manually type in the Network Name to connect? Is there someway to commit this to the iPods memory so that I don'T have to type it in each...
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    Airport, Time Capsule, Xbox360 can't see network

    Hello, We have a Time Machine and Airport Express in our house. Right now we have 2 laptops on the wireless network, and a couple of ipods. We also have a Time Machine in the house. I believe the Time Capsule is what the computers connect to and the port is and umm... extension(?) to the...
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    Automator - Seashore - Adding White Space

    Hey guys, I have a bunch of image files that I want to add white space on both sides to. So, say it's a 30x30 pixel image, I want to make it 50Wx30H by adding 10 pixes of white space on the left and right sides. And there are lots of images, so I want to automate it. I know how to add...
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    Limited functionality free mp3 editing software?

    Hello, Any recommendations on free mp3 editing software out there? All I need to do is to be able to cut mp3 files apart. I would be recording stuff with another device which saves the files as mp3 format. After recording I want to be able to break those files up into multiple mp3 files...
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    Changing language of XCode

    Hello, I run my MacOSX in a non-English language. is there a way that I can make XCODE run in English though? All of the system menus are in the foreign language, which is fine.. But it makes it difficult to get help online because I don't know what things are called in English. Is...
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    Graphic creation software

    Hello, Just looking for some free software that I can use to create simple graphics for use on a blog or otherwise. I was literally just thinking that I wanted to create some large text in some fancy font against a colored background to use as an icon or header for a blog or something...
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    AirMac Express - TimeMachine - Skipping music

    Hello everyone. Just recently set up a Time Capsule. We also have an airport express that we stream music to. Ever since we introduced the Time Capsule the streaming music seems to skip like crazy. Even when a backup is not running. At first I had done the initial Time Capsule backups...
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    Time Machine / Capsule Crashing MacBook Pro

    Hello everyone, I'm living with a new Time Capusle. We have 2 computers in the house, a Macbook and my Macbook pro. We set up the time machine and got the Macbook on it first. Things are going fine. Only one question, is there anyway to adjust the frequency that Time Machine takes...
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    Time Capsule Opinions?

    Hello everyone, Our house has 2 macs. A macbook pro and a macbook. We use a airmac express for wireless over our cable modem, and play music from itunes through that wireless connection to the speakers frequently. Using the same bandwidth we also have a Wii. We don't backup regularly...
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    iScrobbler iTunes playing music thru iTunes?

    I'm a totally iscrobbler newbie. Is it possible to play music from through iTunes? I ask because I use an airport expression to send my iTunes music to external speakers, and want to listen to music through those speakers as well. Is this possible? Thanks for...
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    PC to Mac large file transfer

    Hello everyone, I have a PC desktop, and a Mac Laptop on the same home network (one is plugged into the router one is on wireless in the same house), and there are about 60 Gig of files on the PC that I want to move to the Mac. I don't have any external drives large enough to practically...
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    Memopad from Palm to iPod

    Hey everyone. I have had my iPod touch for a few months now, and I'm sure it could completely replace my Palm TX, except for one feature.... The MemoPad on the Palm TX which I sync to my mac with Mark/Space Notebook. When I'm on my PC and for example, hear of a book I want to add to my...
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    Using ps to list running processes

    Hello everyone, what is the proper command that I can use in terminal to list all running processes and their ID so that I can kill things that are behaving? I used to do ps -aux I think... but that doesn't seem to work for me... Any help appreciated!
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    Connecting Wii to Airport Express

    Hey everyone, just got a Wii, yayyy. Trying to get it online. We have wireless in the house via a Mac Airport Express, the small one that plugs into the wall. When we go to set up the Wii internet, it shows all the other wifi networks in the neighborhood, but not our wifi network. We...
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    iCal Sync always 3 hours behind

    Hey guys, for some reason the iCal items on my iPod Touch 2G are always 3 hours behind what they are on my iCal. Anyone seen this before? I thought maybe it would be a timezone thing, but my timezones are both set the same on my MacBook Pro and the iPod. Any help appreciated!
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    Region Free DVD Player Recommendations

    Does anyone have any recommendations which Region Free DVD player I should get? Or where to get a relatively inexpensive one? My new Macbook Pro has a DVD player that checks DVD regions via firmware, so I cannot play foreign DVDs using VLC without switching the region anymore. I have a lot of...
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    Palm to IPod Touch - Memos

    I have been using a Palm forever, and just got an iPod Touch. The iPod touch replicates a TON of the functionality I had on my Palm. Calendar, email, etc. One question though, is there anyway I can get my "notebook" from the Palm over to the note application on the iPod Touch? I have a ton of...
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    iPod Touch Cases

    Hey everyone, I just ordered the new iPod Touch, it will be my first iPod since my Gen 3 one! Anyway, I need a case for it for protection from scratches, small falls, and to keep the shinny back from getting all crusty. I wouldn't mind a case that flips over to cover the touch screen so that...
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    Wide-screen when hooked to a TV?

    As you may have noticed I have been using my powerbook to watch movies on a widescreen LCD TV recently. One more question in relation to that! When I hook my laptop to the TV and just display the laptop desktop or some random app, it fills up the entire TV LCD display. However, when I put a...
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    Airport Speakers for other Apps? VLC?

    Hey guys, You know how with the Mac Wifi adapter (airport?), you can plug speakers into it... and tell iTunes to play music through the speakers attached to the wifi adapter rather than through your computer speakers? Is it possible to do the same with other applications? I'm specifically...