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  1. scott

    Jaguar supersized with curly fries and a coke

    First of all, an apology if this is already being discussed elsewhere. I couldn't help but notice the availability of Jaguar in a "Family Pack" So is Apple: a) Just trying to cash in on all the honest people out there; b) Just trying to make a little cash of some extra media for...
  2. scott

    NAT options

    Here's my problem, please help of you can. I have 10.1.3 Server with two ethernet cards. 1 card for internet services (142.x.x.x) 1 card for internal network (192.x.x.x) I want to use DHCP services to provide internet access to clients on the internal card (192.x.x.x). Now, DHCP...
  3. scott

    Pink Floyd

    OK, the time has come. The common denominator out here seems to be the music of Pink FLoyd, so I propose a poll. Your favourite album: I pick the Division Bell. Honest. If you follow their career, he Division Bell sums up the mistakes of ones life. Opinions?
  4. scott

  5. scott

    Good article

    This guy is funny, yet truthfull
  6. scott

    Somebody finally clued in!
  7. scott

    New iMac movie

    LOL they made it dance in the video. Goofy. Very goofy.
  8. scott

    Default PASV ftp support

    Hi, Is it REALLY the intention of apple to not allow passive ftp connections on OSX Server 10.1? I cannot get it to work, but every FTP client out there defaults to passive. Apple's manual and site say "have client turn off passive" but WHY? I've tried adding to /sbin/ipfw no luck...
  9. scott


    What the hell? Somebody is fu**ed up. It is just a sick, sick thing to do.
  10. scott

    They're here

    I do a whois on at 11:20 PDT on OCT 22 and the results are disturbing. Seems has been hacked. Quote: Domain names in the .com, .net, and .org domains can now be registered with many different competing registrars. Go to for detailed...
  11. scott

    Switching newspapers to OSX

    Let me know your thoughts on switching high volume shops to OSX. I think it is closer than we think. I can do it without Adobe and Quark, although tough. What are your thoughts?
  12. scott

    Code-wheeed virus

    Maybe it'll turn into a wheee-zing cough. P.S. Addition - I can't delete this post, so ignore it. It belongs elsewhere.
  13. scott

    I love it! Wheeeeee! (again)

    I'm too busy/lazy to look for this elsewhere, but this makes me say wheee! all over again. I could sit for hours (days?) and watch (or whatever) try to get my attention when I'm in another app. It's like a little pissed off kid having a tantrum. Whee!
  14. scott

    Apple Store Canada

    Thanks!! I ordered 10.1 (FULL RETAIL) mere hours after it was announced, but somewhere along the line, the Apple Store Canada site was not updated. So...... as I began ordering 10.1, i was shipped a 10.0. Common, I'm sure, as the Canada site is well behind I guess that is the price...
  15. scott

    Help me

    I live in Northern B.C. and do not get said show. SOMEBODY... please post the storyline so I know what it is all about
  16. scott


    Almost as good as deleting!
  17. scott

    Opera beta (not TP) is out!

    Seems better - still smokin fast, but no scrolling support syet
  18. scott

    A real, honest to goodness lock-up

    Wierd... very OS 9-ish freeze: I went to a macworld contest page, which loads a .swf song. Every time, after 129k of 133k of the song downloads, my mac freezes, leaving my mac making a click click click sound. It also wipes out my internet preferences, including my cookies, homepage, and mail...
  19. scott

    New hardware ethernet troubles

    Anyone else experiencing ethernet hangs with new hardware. I have ruled out software and wiring, as well as protocols. What it is: G4 466 (2 of em) and a new iMac 400 all exhibit cyclical hangs - ie. any network activity slows to a crawl for 10 second, then back to normal for five minutes...
  20. scott

    Post your winblowz desktops here

    What better thread to start.... Found this one: Aint it the truth!