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    Need Simple AppleScript Help

    OK, I've been starting to try and learn some AppleScript, but something that should be really simple I can't seem to find. How do you write a script to type text? If it makes any difference, I want to type something in the Terminal, but I don't want to just do a command in the terminal and...
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    iMac won't turn on!

    Hey, My brother just got a new LCD iMac (800 MHz, SuperDrive), and it won't turn on, at all! It was working before, but it was doing some very strange things in OS X. We were installing 10.1.3 (Software Update), and my brother was basically trying to test the absolute limits of his computer...
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    Classic and Mac OS X

    I just got the final of OS X. There is one problem. Classic doesn't seem to load, and I do have 9.1. Anyone have any suggestions?
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    Epson Printer Drivers to Mac OS X

    Does anyone know whether Epson is planning on releasing drivers for its printers that support Mac OS X? This would be my only problem in getting Mac OS X. If anyone knows about this, please tell me. Thanks. :) P.S. I'm new to these boards. I am a big Mac fan, and I am planning to buy Mac...