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  1. genghiscohen

    Damaged Target Volume

    Time to try whatever repair utilities you may have. DiskWarrior (the first choice for most), TechTool Pro or (shudder) Norton Systemworks/Utilities may be able to repair your disk.
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    It can be disabled quite easily. Go to System Preferences > Spotlight > Privacy, and designate folders or disks that you don't want to get indexed. :D
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    "AuthServer" failed to start????

    Not present in my system.log.
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    Get yourself a Kensington input device and their MouseWorks software. That will allow you to set the tracking to supersonic speeds. I use the Mouse-in-a-Box Optical Pro (5 buttons and scroll-wheel) myself. And I have MouseWorks configured so that my cursor zooms from one corner of my screen...
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    New WMP9 For OsX

    Erm... it's got a metal appearance... image quality still sucks... So what's new in this release?
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    Someone stop me!!

    I have these savings bonds that won't reach maturity for about another 15 years. But if I cash 'em all in right now, I can just about afford a dual 2 GHz G5. Anybody want to argue me out of doing it? ;)
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    Apple Two Button Mouse - Vote Please!!!

    Amen to that! I use a Kensington Mouse-in-the-Box Optical Pro, with 5 buttons (counting the clickable scroll wheel). With Kensington's MouseWorks driver, I can also set up chording - clicking two buttons at once for yet more commands. I can do so many things with my mouse! When I use my...
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    So what's the scoop for NY in 2 weeks?

    There was originally a very small amount of cocaine in Coke, but it was completely gone by 1929. And this is totally off-topic. ::ha::
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    is this a worthy price.

    Yeah, my wife gets a big laugh out of a lot of the tech item auctions on eBay, since she can usually find the same items, brand new, for sale at a lower price. :D
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    New Mac OS X User: What should I not do ? And what should I do?

    I also have a slot-loading "old-skool" iMac & external Firewire HD (see sig), and can confirm that it is easy to install OS X on the FW drive and boot up from it. Have a ball! :D
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    Help, safari 1.0 won't launch!

    PithHelmet has not yet been updated for Safari 1.0. Go to ~/Library/InputManagers and delete the SIMBL (or PithHelmet, in older versions) folder. Then Safari 1.0 will function properly.
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    Browser War!

    No votes for iCab? I guess Ed hasn't seen this thread yet. ;) Mainly Safari for me, and it does handle my on-line banking. Chimera or Mozilla for sites that Safari can't yet handle. And once every couple of months, IE for those @#$%*&# non-standard sites.
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    What do U all Think - Final Verdict ?

    Love the new software, but the new hardware! OMFG! I wonder if Apple would trade me a G5 for my lovingly maintained, low-mileage 1998 Toyota Corolla... :D
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    Huge Typo on

    It's not just you. :D
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    Java 1.4 Sucks!

    To remove the Other login button, disable Root. :D
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    Really Odd Font Problem

    SEC = Sony Ericcson Clicker.
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    USB Floppy Drive in OS X

    I have an Imation floppy drive that came with a used G3 iMac that I bought. It handled most of my old floppies just fine, except for the really ancient 800 kb ones.
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    Should I buy an iMac now, or wait for the 970?

    Another point to consider: Assuming the 970s come out this year, it will probably be at least another 2 to 3 years minimum before we have software that can really take advantage of 64 bit chips. By then, you should be ready to get another new machine.
  19. genghiscohen

    Why do you place every single app in your dock?

    I have 34 "permanent" items in my Dock (including the Finder & Trash). Anything else gets launched via LaunchBar. I use Dockless to keep stuff like Spell Catcher from adding to the clutter.
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    Preferences file question

    I used Resorcerer, and HexEdit also will do the job.