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  1. genghiscohen

    Easy way to print window contents

    I learned a new trick today - a quick'n'easy way to create a printable text list of window contents, like the pre-OS X Print Window command: 1. Click on the window 2. Hit Command-a to select all contents 3. Hit Command-c to copy them 4. Open a new TextEdit blank document 5. Hit Command-v...
  2. genghiscohen

    Ie 6 - Wtf?!

    Tonight I was slumming - taking a spin in Virtual PC. I came across one of those M$ ads telling me that my life was not complete until I installed Internet Explorer 6. I was bored, so I thought "Why not?" Okay, the installation took longer than any browser installation in OS X ever did, but...
  3. genghiscohen

    Made my Jaguar even faster!

    Putting 10.2 on my G3 iMac gave it a very nice speed boost, even without the benefits of Quartz Extreme. :D [rhetorical question]But hey, it's always nice to have even more speed, right?[/rhetorical question] Well, Jag's been out for a few weeks now, and people have been using themes with it...
  4. genghiscohen

    The "other" Jaguar ad

    I mean the one for Jaguar cars. Anybody see this one yet? The music for the commercial is "London Calling" by the Clash. Yes, the Clash! That left-wing, anti-capitalist band that did numbers like "The Guns of Brixton" and "Julie's Been Working For the Drug Squad." On the same album with...
  5. genghiscohen

    VPC 5.0.4 is out

    The folks at Connectix have fixed the speed problem that was introduced with 5.0.3. VPC is just about usable again. ;) This evening I had a chance to compare it running Win98SE and WinXP. To my surprise, XP ran better, both smoother and faster. It sure does gobble up memory, though. On a...
  6. genghiscohen

    One BEEYOOTIFUL Mozilla theme!

    I checked out the Mozilla themes at today, and fell in love with a new one (new to me, anyway) called Sky Pilot. Stunning! If you want to see it in action, look here. :D
  7. genghiscohen

    Congrats to serpicolugnut! :D

    As you can see here, MacOSX's very own serpicolugnut got public acknowledgement from the developer of the Cocoa newsreader Halime for spotting and helping eliminate a bug in the program. Most excellent!
  8. genghiscohen

    Yahoo yodels on

    The guy who did that distinctive "yaHOOO!" is gonna get his just reward: Wonder how much AOHell pays/paid the "You've got mail!" dude?
  9. genghiscohen

    Linda Lovelace RIP

    A pr0n "pioneer" has left the stage: Sadly, Linda was forced into the porn biz, and never made any decent $$ from her career. :(
  10. genghiscohen

    M$ Spellchecker ;)

    Here I am stuck at work again, staring at this #$%^&* Dell running WinNT. So I'm surfing the Mac bulletin boards, looking for interesting, useful and/or fun info. I came across something about Mozilla that would interest one of my friends. So I went to email him a link to the webpage...
  11. genghiscohen

    Printing fails in 10.1 - Odd Console message

    My Canon BJC2100 has been working fine ever since I installed 10.1. Now suddenly I can't print any more. Print Center launches and says it's opening the printer connection, but never finishes. I get the following message in the Console: Oct 15 21:03:23 localhost lookupd[189]: DNSAgent...
  12. genghiscohen accounts disable email clients!

    Yesterday, my suddenly stopped working. One bounce in the dock, and then nothing. No error message, nothing showing up in the Console. Trying to access my email, I set up a new account for it in Entourage. Presto! Entourage now also quits immediately after launching! I...
  13. genghiscohen

    Anyone done the iMac Firmware 4.1.9 update?

    After the "nonstandard" RAM fiasco with the last FW update, I'm a bit hesitant. Has anyone installed this yet? If so, any negative side effects?