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    Superboost repeater

    I purchased this item awhile ago but never got it to work. Their support number was friendly but was not able to help. I am running Mojave on an iMac with a Linksys E4200 router. According to the instructions on is supposed to click on the WiFi icon in the menubar. Then from a list choose...
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    My magic mouse2 has begun to scroll in a jerky fashion instead of the smooth fashion previously. What can I do?

    iMac 2019 Running Mojave. By jerky I mean there is a 1 second pause after I click on an object and move the mouse. I have tried various surfaces and a Magic mouse 1 with the same results. I have reviewed this forum and the Apple forum but none of the suggestions help. Anyone have ideas?
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    Thunderbird profile folder

    I tried locating this folder. Apparently it was never created. I want to change some fonts in Thunderbird and apparently one must use a userChrome.css file in the profile folder to do this. I looked into Thunderbird's content folder and Application support and could not find them. Apparently I...
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    New Apps on

    In the latest version of there is no entry for "New Apps" Does anyone know how to get to this? CNET has no way of reaching them.
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    Radio on IOS

    How do you add and remove radio stations in IOS 13?
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    Menuitem Creator

    Is there an app that allows one to create a menuItem for Apple's menu? If not is there a way to create one?
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    Missing content in e-mail

    Using Mojave Mac Mail. Many emails do not show the content of the message. This did not occur on another Mac running El Captan or using thunderbird on the Mojave computer. Thunderbird gave me an option to view. I checked all the mail preferences and cannot find a solution. I posted this on the...
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    Iphone Incoming emails going to trash instead of inbox.

    There is nothing in accounts-advanced that selects where incoming mail should go. Also nothing in Mail settings. So what do we do now? There are a number of posts on this but no real solution. IOS 8 and 12 tried.
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    What is faster for file transfers?

    I have a MacPro 3,1 tower. I want to use it as a file server including its Optical disk drives for a new Mac. I could somehow: 1. Transfer via a wired network via a router connection. 2. Get a USB C to firewire adapter to set up theMacPro in Target disk mode. 3. Any other ideas? So which is...
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    Startup problem with early 2011 macbook pro laptop

    I originally posted this in tha Apple forum but noone had a successful suggestion. The computer used to work fine. Now the bootup process shows the apple and the status bar about half full. This takes minutes. The computer stalls there. Eventually it gives me a full white screen for a while then...
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    Query in Mac Excel 2011

    The data ribbon does not show queries. I found a procedure for combining spreadsheets for Excel PC that requires Queries. Is it not possible in Excel 2011? Attached is what you get on a PC.
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    Cannon Scanner And El Capitan Security Update 002 2018

    Canon 9000F scanner with the latest drivers.Using the Canon scanner app. When I do a preview I can no longer select an area to scan. The driver also crashes randomly. I tried safe mode and a new account with the same result. Canon and Apple had no suggestions. Any one else have this problem...
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    Accessing Optical Drives In Older Mac By Newmac

    I have a MacPro 3.1with 4 hd and 2 optical drives. I want to move to a new iMac. I know I can access the hds by ethernet but apparently not the optical drives even though they are set for sharing. Target disk mode is not possible due to interface differences. So ideally I would like to be able...
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    Stubborn Optical Drive Mechanism

    I have MacPro 3,1 tower. One of my built in optical drives struggles to eject or open. It is not successful. I tried blowing air into it with no result. Anyone have a fix?
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    A Message To Developers.

    I know it is a pain in the neck to keep up with Apple System updates. I have a MacPro 3,1 2008 running OS 11.6. I cannot upgrade to 10.13. I noticed that many developers only upgrade to the latest Mac OS. This I feel is unfortunate. Many of the programs I like and use cannot be upgraded. So I...
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    Using A Usb 3 Or Usb 2 Hub With A Usb C To Usb 2-3 Adapter

    All my peripherals are usb 2 (scanners, printers, keyboard, EyeTV, SD card reader. Can I use the above to power my Usb 2 devices from a usb c only computer?
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    Mail Password Required El Capitan

    This is an imap account with Time Warner. In any case I can still send and receive mail. Reentering I know there are lots of messages on this subject but I would like the latest. I tried deleting the account and then reentering. No go. I have another imap account with TW which does...
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    System Preferences Window Cutoff

    When I open System Preferences its window opens in the upper left corner with the top half cut off. How can I fix this? No response from Apple Forum.
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    Show Icon Preview No Longer Workingi Have Show Icon Preview Checked In View Options But They Do Not

    I have show icon preview checked in view options but they do not show when viewing a folder with images in it. Instead I just the generic jpg document icon. How can I fix this?I tried the Apple Forum but didn't get a solution.
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    This Code Has Already Been Redeemed

    I am trying to get the sierra public beta. When I hit the redeem button I get the above message. There appears to be no way around it. Any ideas?