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    /user/bin/ruby ?????

    I think what you've said is a little misleading. Yes, Ruby is a scripting language but it isn't used _in_ webpages, it's used to generate web pages. What I would do, next time you get the message, is to open up Activity monitor, find the ruby process, select it, and click info. It should tell...
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    Automatic view resizing in Interface Builder

    It's probably different in 2.5.4 but there is an 'Autoresizes Subviews' option in the attributes inspector in 3.0. IB 3.0 has a lot of nice new features...
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    Need help running Java program on Mac using swt

    It doesn't look like you set it from Jar Bundler. After you bundle the application you can edit its Info.plist (Show Package Contents from Finder) and add the following key in the Java dictionary: <key>StartOnMainThread</key> <true/> Mine looks like this: <?xml version="1.0"...
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    Need help running Java program on Mac using swt

    If I replace lib/swt.jar with the swt jar included in eclipse and run the following the program launches. java -cp .:lib/swt.jar:lib/postgresql-8.2-506.jdbc3.jar -jar DKVBrowser.jar -XstartOnFirstThread
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    Automatic view resizing in Interface Builder

    Just after a quick look at NSView, have you looked at the documentation for -autoresizesSubviews?
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    Need help running Java program on Mac using swt

    Well, after playing around with a test program for a while I was able to get past the segmentation fault by adding this option: -XstartOnFirstThread
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    Cocoa Buttons Linked To Windows

    Make sure you select the button first. The attached nib file has a window with a button, when you click the button another window will display or come to the front. For some reason when I test the interface the second window is always visible. I _though_ that was controlled by 'Visible at...
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    Need help running Java program on Mac using swt

    You need to use the appropriate path separator in your classpath. It's a colon with Mac OS X, so $java -cp .:lib/swt.jar:lib/postgres...jar -jar dkvBrowser.jar Is that really the latest version of SWT you could find? If it's an intel machine you need to make sure it's either universal or i386...
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    Lousy High Resale Value!

    Last summer I bought an old ProTools Digi 001 system that I was hoping to use in my G5. It wasn't until after I had already received the thing, but before I put it in, that I realized it wasn't compatible with the G5 because of the PCI voltage. I ended up having to use it in my crusty old AMD...
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    Broken AirPort Antenna?

    I've long since given up using my iBook G4 800 MHz because it's soo slow but it seems to work fine for my mom so she's been using it for the last year or so. Recently she complained that the AirPort was no longer connecting. At first I assumed that the router was messed up but my other computer...
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    Bizarre color issue in Obj-C

    0,0,0,1 should be black. All ones is white. Remember, black is the absense of light and white light is the combination of all colors. It's opposite of the way print works -- the more colors you put in the darker it is.
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    School: C++ mac to windows

    I'm no C/C++ guru but can't you just use the arch parameter when you compile with GCC? If that works then the only time you would run into issues is if you needed to use libraries that are specific to windows.
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    Migrating databases to new server, stumped!

    Drupal normally uses mysql, so if that is the case. Get your self some shell access to your old account or if they have phpMyAdmin installed it's even easier. With phpMyAdmin just find the export function and export that parts of the database you need. On the import side if you also have...
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    Leopard run on PC's?

    It's a TravelMate 3002. Specs are kind of in my sig. It cost me $1000 dollars about a year ago, has bluetooth, firewire, PCI-X port replicator port and at the time had fast RAM and a decent pentium M, PCMCIA slot, gig eithernet, 802.11g wifi and weighs about 3 lbs. The CDROM is external, which...
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    Leopard run on PC's?

    My experience with an iBook is kind of opposite to that. The whole keyboard was kind of warped and moved when you typed on it. If you pressed on the corner of the laptop the plastic would move and creak. My Acer on the other hand feels really solid. Sure, it's ugly but it feels much more solid...
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    Cross platform database

    A web application would probably best suit your needs. The only problem is that you probably need a programmer to implement such a solution but depending on how robust you need it to be it could be a fairly simple project. If you don't have a programmer available something like filemaker would...
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    Errors in my routers log

    I think the question that needs to be asked is if you are expriencing any problems while using your computer? It looks like only drops a packet every 1-2 hours. If you aren't experiencing any problems I would just forget about it.
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    PHP can't access a file on a mounted Share

    By default OS X mounts the share so only the user mounting it has access. Because the apache user is the one actually executing the PHP script it doesn't have access to it. Add privileges to the 'other' permission level for the mount point of the share. Something kinda like chmod -R o+r...
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    Apple's new iMac 24"

    God, such a smart-ass.
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    Apple's new iMac 24"

    Some people have predicted that the "consumer" lines will retain the core duo where the "pro" line gets the core 2 duo. The Mini upgrade kind of supports this, in which case it's probably not a big deal, unless, you forgot to type Pro after MacBook ;-)