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    Help beta test new file sharing applicaton!

    I spent the last couple of days to make a small application that I have really missed several times. Often you have files on your computer that you want to share with a friend, but they are too large to send by email and MSN/Icq is just too slow... So, I've created a small program, DropShare...
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    Java 1.4 in Jaguar?

    Could anyone with the real final release of Jaguar, check if Java 1.4 is in it? java -version Some says so, but I haven't got it confirmed and Apples pages is a little bit fuzzy about it. Thanks!
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    DVD-ram data burning

    Hi I have recently installed an internal DVD-ram drive in my G4 Server. Supposedly this is the same drive as Apple's superdrive (Hitachi GF2000). It reads CDs and DVDs perfectly and if I look in Apple System Profiler it sais "Apple Disc Burning: Supported". However if I insert a DVD-R 4.7 GB...
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    Sharing NFS mounts

    Hi, I working with setting up a MacOSX Server. I want to mount a nfs directory from our Solaris test server in OSX Server, and then share it as a AppleTalk/Windows share. There is no problems mounting the nfs share from the Finder but it is grayed out when I try to share it from the...
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    What about the dev-tools?

    Does anyone know where to get developer tools that works with 10.1? 10.1 works nicely, but I cannot use it if I haven't access to CVS... :(
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    Mixing Cocoa & Carbon

    Hi, Does anyone here have experience of mixing Cocoa and Carbon in one application? Is it at all possible to do? Basically I wan't to write a program with a part that I want to be able to run in both OS 9, and OS X. But half of the program will be OS X only. I would prefer to write as much...
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    I actually bought the MacGIMP CD (, mainly just for checking it out and getting the X-Windows server since I already got PS. It was extremly easy to install, just double click the installation package. On my iBook 2.0 (256 Mb RAM) it runs just fine. Unfortunately sometimes the...
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    Developing cross-platform apps

    Hi, I am looking into starting up a pretty big development project, featuring many custom GUI components. It will need to be cross-platform Mac OS X and Windows. Obviously I would like to share as much of the code as possible. Whatever happened to Yellow box, were we not supposed to be...
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    Mouse Freeze in OS X, all works in OS 9

    My OS X worked nice until yesterday, when the mouse suddenly started to freeze. It will start working again for a few minutes if plug it in and out. The keyboard still works, most of the time. All works nicely in OS 9. I have an iMac DV SE, no extra USB devices plugged in. Any ideas how to...
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    CD burn & OS X

    I am looking into buying CD burner. Is it at all possible to burn CDs with Mac OS X? Is there a preferred choise of burner to get compatible with OS X? iTunes only burn music CDs, right?
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    New Multiplayer game for Mac OS X

    Check out the Mac OS X version of our multi player network game Multris! Since Java applets basically work like crap in OS X, we did a quick Cocoa port. One of the nice features in OS X is the Java Cocoa, too bad is so poorly documented. Anyways... enjoy...
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    Java is crap in OS X. Some things are 5-10 times native slower than in Classic

    I mainly bought OS X because as a Java developer it would be much nicer being able to use the command line for compiling and running Java programs rather than using the quirky interface in 9.1. And I guess the Java was supposed to be really good. Unfortunately Java applets hardly run, some...
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    Java applets 5 times faster in Classic than native?

    I have just installed X on my iMac with plenty of RAM. I was very excited about the supposedly improved Java support. But when I launched Explorer surfed to my site (which runs really nicely in 9.1) it was slow, slow, slow. I tried the Applet Launcher instead with the...