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    How to Reset Terminal Privileges

    So i ran a quick google search on the error you provided to me (the space before the / was intentional) and came across a tool that looks like it's meant for exactly your situation.;1 I've never used it before so i can't...
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    Viruses On Os X

    Not that it will be very visible on page 58, but i just wanted to contest the "No virus on OS X" claim. Exploits have been available since 2003. Have a look
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    How to Reset Terminal Privileges

    It would be helpful if you could say what it was you typed into the terminal. It sounds like you are still able to use terminal as root so maybe try running diskutil repairPermissions / (I'm a windows guy and not very strong at mac, so i would verify if that's a good idea before you...
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    OS X Slow navigation on windows network shares.

    On an out-of-the box MacBook Pro running 10.8 we ran into some issues when navigating file shares hosted on Windows servers. It would randomly take up to 60 seconds for the files/folders to populate in the finder window whenever you navigated to a different directory using smb://. Needless to...