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    tomcat/jboss built into panther

    open a terminal window and execute: sudo /Library/jboss/3.2/bin/ & then click http://localhost:8080/ F*(&)(&)kn' Kewl! -tom
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    ditch the status bar in Chimera?

    does anyone know how to ditch the status bar at the bottom of a window in Chimera?
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    Rendezvous for my linux box

    does anyone know of a concise HOWTO on making my linux box enable Rendezvous?
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    Chimera bookmarks into Safari

    anyone know of a good apple script to move chimera bookmarks into Safari?
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    installers on 10.2

    I've found that when installers/updaters (specifically 'vise') are searchig for apps to install/update on 10.2, you really need to have all your network volumes unmounted or it searches the network volumes. Can anyone confirm?
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    usb exceeding bandwidth

    ok, here it goes: TiBook with soundsticks/os 10.1.4/soundsticks are on their OWN usb port. hub attached to another port. Occasionally, the soundsticks just loose connection to the computer and that USB port goes dead. What I believe is happening is the USB port is exceeding it's bandwith...
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    Shell Scripting command

    I've got an infestation of Nimba on my samba share. It left '.eml' files all over the directory structure. I'd like to delete all these in one fell swoop without going into each directory and deleting them individually... I'm thinking something like.... $> locate *.eml | rm -f $0 but that...
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    x.0 - Webmin mostly works

    FYI: for those of you who are propellerheads like myself and like webmin... I've sucessfully installed it on a powerbook running x.0. I used the MacOS X Server 1.3 option during setup. Coupla strange bugs, but webmin got sendmail going and sucessfully configured DNS without my help...
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    BSDToday lists BSD packages ported to Darwin...

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    rc Scripts vs Startup Items?

    Does anyone know of a comprehensive tutorial on the startup process? I understand how Linux uses rc scripts to start processes at startup and I (of cource) understand the concept of a startup folder on the mac, but I don't understand how to create an entry for Mysql to begin at boot time.
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    HELP- X.0! Grey'd out drive on Walstreet--NO INSTALL

    Trying to install 10.0 on a wallstreet 233 with upgraded hard drive. Drive has good version of 9.1 on it and 9.1 boots and runs no prob. during X.0 installation, Drive is greyed out and no drive is available for install. I started up off the provided 9.1 cd and updated the hard drive drivers...