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    web serving (apache and php)

    i don't know what the -50 error is all about, but stuffit really likes those errors when trying to un(stuff/zip/tar) .gzip.tar files. i am sure it will be addressed at some point. until then, stick with gunzip and tar from the command line.
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    web serving (apache and php)

    MacFreak - generally, you use the --prefix argument when configuring a program. for example, to set up apache (httpd) in a new folder at the top level called www, you would do something like this. (while in the apache source/binary directory) $ ./configure --prefix=/www another usual...
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    web serving (apache and php)

    make sure you turn "web server" OFF in the system settings. otherwise, the preinstalled apache will start up. when i boot my system up, i let it load, then immediately drop into a terminal and run /www/bin/apachectl start. i am sure there is someway to make the installed apache start while...
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    web serving (apache and php)

    about mysql::: i actually did not get it to compile - i keep getting the ps/pid error and have not figured out a way to get the host issue resolved. most of the hostnames did not work because the mysql source didn't understand them. there is a binary download of mac os x mysql, though i...
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    sound sets in mac os x

    Exploring my Mac OS X drive (within OS 9) and found something interesting. I found this directory... Mac OS X : Library : Appearance : Sound Sets However, the directory is empty. It hints at sound sets in the future, though. So if you are someone that likes soundsets, there may yet be...
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    How do I log in as "root"?

    at login, you can use 'root' as your login and then the password you entered when you installed mac os x. as BlueFlameOut above mentioned, you can 'su' to root in the terminal. This is the better solution. Logging in as root increases the risk of damage to the system. Generally, the best...
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    mac os x compiling and host types

    several times when trying to compile source code i get errors about what kind of host i am using. i have no idea what to put in the --host= switch. any ideas to make this stuff work?
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    dns and host name stuff

    Ok. I know this isn't totally suited for this forum, but I am going to throw the question out anyway. I want my domain,, to point to my server on my own computer, Apache and PHP are up and running fine, now I just need to get the DNS stuff to...
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    random small os x gripe check out this Tech Info Library article. Of course, if you use the keyboard at all with your OS of choice, you have probably noticed this small but annoying change between OS 9- and OS X. The Shift key now behaves a bit differently...
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    web serving (apache and php)

    yes. i have gotten mysql to install, though i haven't had time to play with it yet. don't know if all the executables that compile will work afterwards, but the compilation was fine
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    web serving (apache and php)

    got it working. rebooted my machine and now php is working. thanks for the help. so, check out
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    web serving (apache and php)

    hmmm... i will try "make clean" the only thing is that when i run "httpd -l" mod_php4.c shows up. another random thing. whenever i try to kill my webserver by using "apachectl stop" it always tells me"stop: httpd (no pid file) not running." is there a surefire way to kill my server and...
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    web serving (apache and php)

    has anyone tried to serve web pages off of mac os x yet? i have played a little bit with the pre-installed apache and it works fine. however, i have also gotten my own compiled version of apache to work also. the problem i have is that i cannot get php working with apache. i downloaded...
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    developer tools

    the public beta doesn't come with any compiling-type tools (g,g++, make). there is another cd that developers get that will have those. however, i had a copy of the dp4 cd around, and after looking through the stuff in there, i found a developer tools package. fired it up and installed it...