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    Local Volumes + Trash on Desktop

    For those who prefer having their local drives automatically placed on the desktop ala classic Mac OS instead of aliases, the OS X Desktop has property lists that allow this behavior. Until a GUI can be written, open up a Terminal and type...
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    logon console

    Am still waiting for my copy to arrive.... can someone try see if the console login still works? Just type console at the login window and hit return. Thanks!
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    What about Serial Port identification

    Greg, will report back once my copy arrives (probably next week).
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    What about Serial Port identification

    I did manage to get DP4 running on a 604e/200 upgraded 8500 so ADB (keyboard/mouse support) and internal SCSI should be good to go. Not sure about serial as that driver seemed to be broken since the Rhapsody DR's. Maybe someone who is working on Darwin has something working (haven't kept up...
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    I have to upgrade?

    Alex, you'll be able to run it. Its more of a matter of how good a user experience you'll have when you start running several apps or doing intensive tasks. Unlike with Mac OS 9.x and earlier, adding memory on a Mac OS X system will give you a significant performance boost as there will be...
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    Classic enhancements (request for feedback)

    As most folks already know, there are some classic Mac OS features that are missing such as the Apple Menu, the application menu, control strip, spring loaded folders, popup folders, etc. Some developers are already working on replacements such as: (which brings...