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  1. simX

    FS - Vintage Macintosh Plus w/1 MB RAM and Mac team signatures on inside

    I have two Macintosh Pluses for sale. One is in good condition and starts up fine. The other does not start up (there's a little click when you try to turn it on). While these aren't the very first Macs, they still have the signatures of all of the people on the original Macintosh team on the...
  2. simX

    Beta Testers needed for TLAF apps (RipIt, iRip, Tagalicious, Ringtones)

    Our products still work with 10.1.x on G4 cubes, silly! :rolleyes: It's been years, yeah. No time for forums anymore. Unless it involves work. And no, I don't go hacking random forum accounts during work hours. :P
  3. simX

    Beta Testers needed for TLAF apps (RipIt, iRip, Tagalicious, Ringtones)

    Hey all, The Little App Factory is looking for beta testers for all of its products! If you're a freak about your music collection and like to keep it clean and up-to-date with all the tags, artwork, and lyrics you can find, please help beta test Tagalicious! Tagalicious scans and...
  4. simX

    Stickies problems

  5. simX

    OMG this is SOOO funny!!

  6. simX word association!

    Alexander Graham Bell?
  7. simX

    Problem with enabling/disabling root user

    Actually, this was fixed in the "Security Update 2004-09-30" update which was released on October 4, as the page you linked to specifies. :)
  8. simX

    WTB: Working iPod 1G or 2G

    I've actually decided to buy a new 4G iPod instead of finding a new one. Thanks for the offer, though.
  9. simX

    FS: Two iPod 1G/2G internal batteries (not necessary to purchase both)

    I've got two iPod batteries for sale -- both will only fit the 1G or 2G iPods. One is completely brand new that was bought as a replacement for my dead iPod. The other was the original battery in my dead 5 GB iPod that still got about 5 hours of charge before my iPod died. Since I have no...
  10. simX

    WTB: Working iPod 1G or 2G

    My iPod 5 GB (1G) recently died on me, and so I'm looking to buy a 1st gen or 2nd gen iPod. I'd actually prefer a 1st gen iPod with the real scroll wheel (i.e.: not the touch wheel). Hard drive size is of no importance -- 5 GB, 10 GB, 20 GB. If you do have a 3rd gen iPod you want to sell, I'd...
  11. simX

    Problem with enabling/disabling root user

    scruffy, you were right. The "authentication_authority" property simply needed to be deleted from the root user. It turns out that if you have an "authentication_authority" property for the root user in the NetInfo database (use NetInfo Manager to easily check), then the root user will not be...
  12. simX

    Problem with enabling/disabling root user

    The only thing that seems to be different after enabling the root user is that it's password doesn't have an asterisk in front of it. That is, when disabled, it says something like "*3cte7302bjwpc49", whereas when it is enabled, it says "3cte7302bjwpc49". But putting an asterisk in front of...
  13. simX

    Problem with enabling/disabling root user

    I got some recommendations from other places to simply change the root password as shown in NetInfo Manager to '*', which simply means a blank password. Then the NetInfo Manager can enable/disable root normally, supposedly. What's weird is that I did this, and NetInfo Manager does seem to be...
  14. simX

    Problem with enabling/disabling root user

    Before anyone says anything, yes, I am entirely aware of the risks of enabling the root user, and that's why I intended to disable it after I was finished working with it. (Unfortunately, the only easy way to set the keyboard layout of the login window is to enable root user, change the...
  15. simX

    Reviving a dead iPod

    No I have a power adaptor, I just connect it to the computer to charge it. But connecting it to the power adaptor doesn't really help at all, anyway. I think my iPod's completely dead now -- I can't get anything to appear on the screen, and I think it's probably because I reset it after it...
  16. simX

    Port used for Internet Sharing?

    Does anybody know what ports are used for Internet Sharing on Mac OS X? I have my iMac sharing it's ethernet connection via AirPort to my PowerBook, but if I the firewall is activated on the iMac, Internet Sharing doesn't work. I have to disable the firewall in order for it to work. I found...
  17. simX

    Return from Hiatus

    Heh, old timers will remember that I never visited Hervé's at all during my previous stay here. I don't particularly care to change that. :rolleyes: