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  1. DeltaMac

    MacPro will not boot to Windows installer

    This is different, and I have tried a search here, maybe someone can point out where to look... MacPro - 4GB, dual SuperDrives, 4 500 GB hard drives 3.0 8-core system, all shipped from Apple. (Early 2008 MacPro model) OSX 10.5.6 Trying to install Windows, first using BootCamp. The Bootcamp...
  2. DeltaMac

    How do I reset all users in Leopard?

    For the last several years, when setting up a new Mac, I have followed a process where I set up a temporary user for updating the system to current updates, and installing other software that a customer might request. Then removing the user, along with resetting the local.nidb, removing the...
  3. DeltaMac

    secure web page won't display

    I have a client who connects to a government support web site. The https: login page will not display the login, but only displays a full page of garbage. If she holds the option key, and clicks on the link to that login page, it downloads the page. Opening that downloaded page shows the...
  4. DeltaMac

    multiple screen help?

    I have a MacPro with 4 vid cards, and 8 displays. I have a sports facility, various games and races of various kinds. I want to display event results on individual displays, with the capabillty to easily switch the text to a different screen if I want to. Do you have any ideas for software...
  5. DeltaMac

    Comcast Faster!

  6. DeltaMac

    Prevent 'inappropriate' iTunes use ?

    Is there an app, or perhaps a setup within OS X and/or iTunes that can be set to block all downloads (including importing from CDs, etc.) into iTunes, but continue if the administrator password is entered? I have a friend teaching in a high school graphics/media lab. He wants to prevent...
  7. DeltaMac

    10.3.9 and Safari

    Safari does not include a bookmark sorting capability. You can manually move bookmarks to any listing order you like, in the Show Bookmarks window. I think there are Safari utilities to download, that have bookmark sorting, but I can't come up with one.
  8. DeltaMac

    Comcast Faster!

    I found my cable modem off-line this morning. Restarted, and Comcast is now 3 Mbit download speeds! Woo-Hoo! I am in the Baltimore region, and read about this increase for Comcast a month or two ago, but today is it for me! Now, I can read my eMail a lot faster ::ha::
  9. DeltaMac

    How do I convert

    from a 1024 x 768 JPEG, to a 300 DPI TIFF file. I'm assembling a cookbook to send to a publisher, and want to have a picture on the front cover. I have a good quality JPEG from a digital cam. The publisher wants an image file in either TIFF or EPS in 300 DPI ( This is the question - How do I...
  10. DeltaMac

    Problem with iTunes and iMovie

    I'm trying to make a wonderful slide show in iMovie, and I want to add some background music from my iTunes playlist, but iMovie 3 refuses to find iTunes at all! What can I do? I have up-to-date software. Drop down menu to select iTunes says 'iTunes 3.0 not found' I've tried creating a new...