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    Can You Count To

    14.5 Billion?!?! Apple required to pay Ireland more money than Ireland wants and... if they do they will ask a tax credit from the US for taxes paid overseas. Very Kafkaesque. I get the feeling Europe might not be a great destination if Trump wins. :^) So Canada is the winner!
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    The New Look

    I haven't seen the site on my iPad or my phone but on the MacBook - it is awful. Specifics: Don't like the teal Don't like the font - it just hurts my eyes (maybe because it is in "Barf Teal") The two column format leaves out important info about thread activity The leading both between threads...
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    Delete Gmail Spam In Mail

    Searched for this on the forum and at google, found some old threads that kind of touch my problem, but not really. I have a mid 2011 MacBook Pro with 4 gigs and Yosemite with an SSD. OK - I'll get some more RAM one day. I use Mail with imap for several mail accounts and keep the inboxes...
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    Live Streams cause Plug-in Failure

    My new (September) MacBook Pro 2.4 GHz has 10.6.6 installed with 4 gigs of RAM. When I stream live video in both Safari and Chrome, I get audio only (no video) and after a minute or so, the plug-in fails. It happens more quickly in Safari than in Chrome, but both of them crash. So far I...
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    Who's to blame in Egypt?

    Egypt is in flames, with protests going on for 7 days now. Crowds are defying curfews and tanks, calling for the removal of Hosni Mubarak, virtual king of the country for the last 30 years, and his cronies. Mubarak has been propped up by US aid that was a promise to Sadat for the Camp David...
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    Hey Diablo! Happy Birthday

    The lists at the bottom say it is our favorite devil with smelly stuff's birthday. Of course he could have lied on his profile. Many Happy Returns Jeff, whether it's your birthday or your unbirthday.
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    What is a good person to do?

    I'm not seeking legal advice, just a sampling of what others would do. A friend (call him Rolf) owns a small shop for computer sales/repairs and is doing OK. The other day one of his first customers came in with a laptop she says a "friend gave my son." but that had some trouble with Windows...
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    Super Sunday Sass

    I was on my way over to Hervé's but nobody's really there, so I am out here in the street to say that the Saints are gonna win. I have no reason for the prediction (kinda nuts to bet against Manning), just the alignment of the stars. If they don't - drinks are on me at Hervé's. TH
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    Seeks Info: Best Hosting Experience

    I've been using Dreamhost for a while now after learning about it here. I used to think I was doing well on price _and_ service, but saw today that unlimited disk space and bandwidth are the norm for half what I pay. I run my personal site (to keep family and friends abreast of our traveling)...
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    Tiger in Panic, What about Leopard

    My mintel 1.66 CoreDuo with a gig of RAM had been chugging along with 10.4.10 for some months, slow but stable. The chugging was due to a full HD, but since I don't use it - it's for the other half and the kids - I left it. But - love, you know. It overcomes wisdom like - if it ain't broke...
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    i can Work with that

    I've been playing around with the trial download of iWork and am very happy with Numbers for the most part. It opens my Excel sheets fairly well - mostly font and some formula concerns in the importing, but nothing I can't handle. One thing I find irritating is that I can't align text...
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    Spooky new ethernet addresses

    I usually go about my business just using the automatic network settings on my macBook. But the other day, I went to set up a dummy address to have the macBook serve pages on a school network and found to my dismay that there are two ethernet adaptor (en1) AND (en2) that are not physically...
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    Cairo's New Real Estate

    Mr Apple is looking for new digs in Cairo. I drove past, saw the signs and stopped to get a pic with a camera-phone. It's right across the street from the BMW dealer and when I was taking the shot, a cop came and rousted me. Touchy those Egyptians... :D I can hardly wait - Mr Apple tells me...
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    Macbook Core 2 Duo compatibility issues

    A third logicboard failure on a G3 iBook has accelerated my purchase of a c2d Macbook. In general it is very sweet. I love the keyboard, the bright screen and Parallels. (cohesion is awesome) but several programs are giving me a hard time. My old friend Eudora won't run on it - so I had to...
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    test.php gives me a blank page

    I am running 10.4.8 on an 1.33 iBook with a gig of RAM. I don't remember :P what I used to install php5, but it's there and it works fine with a few local test sites I fool around with. (install location seems to be /usr/local/php5. MySQL is there in the same folder - works fine. Contents...
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    Web Hosting recommendations?

    I searched through the archive and found some useful links, but wanted something a bit more up-to-date. I am looking to change my host - i promised myself to dump my present provider in a pique about service issues from last year. I'm looking for: at least a gig of space good bandwidth...
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    Epson driver foul-up

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    Weird reloading on Safari

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    Question about Originating IP and country of origin

    I know it's not really a Mac networking question, but I trust the knowledge of lots of you guys in here. Is it possible... given that India has so much telecom connection due to the outsourcing and the whole nine yards... that an e-mail sent by someone in Canada could have an orginating IP...
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    iTunes Phone Driver 1.0

    This showed up in Software Update today (or was it yesterday?). Could it be part of the fun new products that are coming? According to the description - it seems to be targeted at more than one phone.