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  1. Ripcord

    Inactive memory and paging woes

    I think this is showing that OS X has some serious problems with memory management? And this has a significant impact on system performance. iPhoto was way slower to start and way less responsive the second time I launched it, even though the system state was effectively the same as the first...
  2. Ripcord

    Inactive memory and paging woes

    Here's a test I did to illustrate the problem. I collected memory usage stats at different points after reboot and starting/closing apps. This seems to show: 1) After starting and quitting a bunch of apps, OS X converts a lot of memory to the Inactive Type 2) OS X doesn't seem to reclaim...
  3. Ripcord

    Inactive memory and paging woes

    Pageouts. Why would I be paging to disk at all?
  4. Ripcord

    iMac Locking up and beeping

    Sorry, that was the wrong link. The one that probably applies to you more is: 3 beeps after booting up = problems found with RAM at runtime. Doesn't narrow down which bank(s) are faulty though.
  5. Ripcord

    iMac Locking up and beeping

    You do have bad RAM, from the sounds of it. Beeping like that are typically POST failures, and in this case three beeps relates to bad RAM. Have you installed aftermarket RAM? Macs tend to be a lot more fussy about RAM quality than PCs (which just crash...
  6. Ripcord

    Inactive memory and paging woes

    This isn't the only thread to talk about this stuff; there's been jillions, though none I've found that talks about exactly what I'm discussing, mostly just people talking about what the different "forms" of memory are. I notice that this thread...
  7. Ripcord

    Inactive memory and paging woes

    So I've been concerned about Mac memory management for a while. I've had 4GB of RAM on a number of different systems with 10.5-10.7. I have 8GB at work. I'm constantly running out of memory and paging, though. It seems like Mac OS X doesn't release memory once used. For example, if I...
  8. Ripcord

    oplock and strict locking

    Old thread, just wanted to mention something in case someone stumbles onto this thread like I did. Oplocks have **nothing** to do with file locking. They're just really unfortunately named. They have to do with the server letting the client know whether or not it is the only system that has...
  9. Ripcord

    WWDC 2006 keynote

    If it's like earlier ones, later this afternoon/evening.
  10. Ripcord

    WWDC 2006 keynote

    I definitely didn't expect an iPhone. I WAS hoping for something that was a little more intriguing to me, and an unexected product announcement. After all the silence lately, I guess we were hoping for something interesting to be announced. Mac Pro and Xserve were pretty much exactly what...
  11. Ripcord

    WWDC 2006 keynote

    Woo. Hoo.
  12. Ripcord

    OS X 10.5 Intel only?

    "Mac" is not a company.
  13. Ripcord

    Any good programs like Picasa for Mac?

    My biggest complaint about iPhoto (even '06) is just the speed. It's so sluggish to work through, even on my 2.0Ghz G5 (the 1.42Ghz G4 Mini is much worse), I get tired of watching it take 1-5 seconds to load new pictures. Picasa just plain has iPhoto beat here, hands-down...It's ridiculously...
  14. Ripcord

    New Stuff on 28th

    No, it looks like it's the same hard drive unfortunately. And let me tell you, that has a MAJOR impact on the perceived speed of the Mini.
  15. Ripcord

    What about the ibook

    Is the lovefest over? Can we talk about ibooks again? :rolleyes:
  16. Ripcord

    Questions for presentations in Keynote

    You might also try ATI's Remote Wonder, which I find to be an excellent all-around and very customizable remote, though perhaps too big for slideshow presentations.
  17. Ripcord

    What about the ibook

    Yes, we all know. But we can't say. Okay, okay, 47.3 days, give or take a few minutes.
  18. Ripcord

    ilife 6 released today

    Has anyone picked this up and have any thoughts? I grabbed a copy and have used it briefly - my first thoughts are that most of the enhancements are nice...The new editing features (full screen and compare especially) are useful, and I probably will use the greeting card feature and build a new...
  19. Ripcord

    Apple Announces MacBook Pro

    The 5-year-old's comment aside, I agree - the rename is a very poor move. Perhaps not quite as much in the pro sector, a reasonable amount of Apple sales draw (and certainly its marketing) is the "cool factor", and "MacBook Pro" is just too awkward to be cool. No one sitting at Starbucks...