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    Has anybody noticed....

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    Congrats to Ak!!

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    Battle of the Browsers

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    new forum moderators - devonferns & btoneill

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    reformatting an external drive?

  6. edX Fantasy Football - sign up now!!

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    Want to play fantasy hockey?

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    American politics - the truth isn't this the way it really is? :D (be warned, you will ROTFLYAO!! )
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    how do you create a check box using appleworks?

    ok, my lady is making some forms for work and needs to add check boxes to some choices for answers. i have found the circles that you can type (using key caps) but i haven't been able to figure out how to make the little boxes. any help here would be appreciated.
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    Let's play fantasy baseball

    You are hereby invited to join edX's fantasy baseball league in Yahoo! Sports Fantasy Baseball. In order to join the league, just go to, click the "Sign Up Now" or "Get Another Team" button and follow the links to "Join a Custom League". When...
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    legal music downloads

    check out his article on free music downloads in the San Francisco Chronicle. both itunes and ipods are mentioned in it. there's also this article from the same day about what some celebs keep on their ipods...
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    new olympus camera - iphoto or camedia?

    just got a new olympus c-750 for xmas. i'm wondering if i should bother installing the camedia master 4.1 software that came with it or just use iphoto and my ussual image editors. does camedia offer anything worth the space it takes up?
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    So far I love my Techtool Pro 4

    well, it finally got here last week and i have used it to run tests and to repair my directories and defrag my boot disk. i must say i'm impressed. the drive runs quieter and smoother than it has in over a year and i regularly did these tasks with the classic versions of diskwarrior and plus...
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    just keep using SU - another update today

    security update 12-19 and server 10.3.2 just released
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    10.3.2 released

    can you say 'software update'? :)
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    Policy on Warez, Serialz, and P2P Discussions

    people who come here to request warez help will be banned immediately with no warnings. in the past warnings have been issued to give some people the benefit of the doubt. no more. so DO NOT post asking for serial numbers, shared software or anything like this. do not ask what the best p2p...
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    Once a year chance to change your username

    simply tell me what you want to change it to in this thread. i'll try to change it as soon after i see it as possible. keep in mind that some names you want might already be taken. not everybody posts regularly. if by chance, somebody registers your new name after you request it, i will take it...