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  1. vertigo

    silly perl script

    i recently wrote this for a friend, just thought i'd post it in case anyone else had a similar need. it's just a little script that will convert a text outline into an html outline (using nested ol tags). outline2html run it by piping the input/output like this: perl <...
  2. vertigo

    multihoming woes

    i am at a loss. i recently got a new block of IPs for a network i manage. i have about 6 of them aliased to one macosx server machine. for the first day or so, all of them responded fine. i could ssh to any of them, go to their respective apache hosts, etc. somehow they just stopped...
  3. vertigo

    enabling anonymous ftp [tutorial]

    Setting Up Anonymous FTP on MacOS X Introduction This manual applies to MacOS X 10.x, not MacOS X Server. The procedure on Server is very similar, but requires a little more tweaking because it uses a different FTP server by default. The FTP server built into MacOS X (ftpd) is already...
  4. vertigo

    USB Printing (HP)

    For any of you with HP USB printers and the developer tools CD (I would imagine the downloadable dev tools are the same thing), there are print drivers buried in the examples folder just waiting to be compiled. Here's how: - log in as root - navigate to /Developer/Examples/Printing/Printer...