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  1. Ripcord

    Inactive memory and paging woes

    So I've been concerned about Mac memory management for a while. I've had 4GB of RAM on a number of different systems with 10.5-10.7. I have 8GB at work. I'm constantly running out of memory and paging, though. It seems like Mac OS X doesn't release memory once used. For example, if I...
  2. Ripcord

    Yahoo file transfer still working?

    Hi all, I've done some searching but haven't seen the same thing reported elsewhere. Hopefully this isn't a dup. Any time I try to transfer a file to another user with Yahoo! IM file transfer, I get the following: "The Yahoo! Messenger service has sent the following error message: The...
  3. Ripcord

    The new download sections

    ...Are up. Pretty cool, really...especially if there's momentum and we see a lot of innovative stuff! I see there's also a general "software...
  4. Ripcord

    Adobe to aquire Macromedia

    Wow, this completely took me by surprise. Could this possibly be a good thing?
  5. Ripcord

    Is there Classic support in Tiger?

    I notice from the screenshots of System Prefs that there doesn't seem to be a section for configuring Classic. Has Classic support finally been removed from OS X in 10.4?? I'd have thought I would have read that in a review somewhere if true, but who knows...
  6. Ripcord

    iLife '05

    If I could figure out how to post a poll, I would... iLife '05 - worth it? Or not? Personally, the iPhoto and Garageband enhancements are worth it for me - I can actually use Garageband! iPhoto 5 looks great. And the book features in look *really* good now, and the book ordering seems...
  7. Ripcord

    Motorola/Apple iTunes phone coming...

    So would this be a *much* more likely source for the flash-based iPod rumors? A flash-based iTunes phone? Sounds like it's a pretty sure bet for MWSF.
  8. Ripcord

    Has anyone made an Airport Extreme controller yet?

    As the topic says, does anyone know if any company has put out some sort of Airport Extreme controller yet? I figured someone would have come out with one by now. For me (and many, though definitely not all, other people), using iTunes to control the Extreme would be ridiculous. If I wanted...
  9. Ripcord

    Now that G5 iMacs have been received...

    Now that folks on this board have received G5 iMacs, any reviews/raves/rants? I'm planning this week to sell off the 1.25Ghz G4 Powermac (oh how I love the styling of that machine, though) and throw in some extra money for the 20" G5 iMac. Can anyone recommend/ward me off? If all goes well...
  10. Ripcord

    IE losing market share, just going to get worse

    A look at Google's zeitgeist ( gives a bit of a graphical taste for the news at the beginning of the month - that all the security bugs and other problems are finally convincing the 90%+ of web browser users that there might be a more worthwhile browser...
  11. Ripcord

    Calculator in hex?

    I love the look, feel, and features of the calculator in OS X, especially in Panther. It kicks the rear of the default one included with Windows, and of any general-purpose, small calc program I've seen. Except one thing really, really bugs me. I can only enter number in decimal! While I...
  12. Ripcord

    Apple releasing Rendevous SDK for Windows, Linux, Unixes

    Stuff like this is always nice:
  13. Ripcord

    Monitoring/administering FTP?

    Anyone have any idea what utilities I can use to administer or monitor the built-in FTP server? Obviously I know how to turn it on and manage (some) accounts, but how does one, say, monitor who's online, terminate connections, etc?
  14. Ripcord

    Syncing iCal without .Mac?

    Hi everyone, I'd like to synchronize my iCal calendars amongst a few different machines (at worst, between two, one at work, one at home). I'm trying to find a way that's as transparent and simple as possible from a usage standpoint - something at least as transparent as using .Mac...
  15. Ripcord

    Can't boot off cloned drive!

    On my SP 1.25ghz G4 I'm trying to clone my drive - I'm trying to move from the original 80GB drive to a 120GB drive that I have. I don't want to have the 80GB drive in my system. I'm running 10.3.4 on the system. I've tried cloning the disk using Carbon Copy Cloner and with Disk Utility's...
  16. Ripcord

    Office 2004 now shipping?

    I just noticed that in the Apple store one of the rotating graphics is now labeled "Microsoft Office 2004 for Mac. Get in, Get done, Get on with it. NOW SHIPPING". I may be out of the loop but I hadn't heard this yet. Microsoft's site also shows Office 2004 as "coming soon". There seems...
  17. Ripcord

    RFC 3751 released

    Today the Internet Society released RFC 3751, detailing the requirements of the Omniscience Protocol. The protocol is designed to meet the requirement of Orrin Hatch’s call for a method to allow law enforcement, large software vendors, media conglomerates, and other bodies in or controlling...
  18. Ripcord

    Apple Warns resellers of upcoming dry spell

    From AppleInsiders: So is this a signal of new products coming? Or is it what Apple says it is, an inability to keep up with regular demand of the upcoming educational buying season? If the first, I say great! though I'm worried that...
  19. Ripcord

    Constant panics

    Hi group, Hopefully someone can help me out with a serious problem I'm having. Periodically, and relatively frequently, my system panics (grey screen, etc). Also I'm noticing spontaneous application crashes for no reason, and periodically the system will just freeze instead of crash...