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    iPhone 4 and IOS 7.1

    I have been hesitant to upgrade my iPhone 4 to 7.x due to reports of loss of wifi function, decreased battery life, and other similar side effects and bugs. My iPhone is from ebay, so I have no expectations of help if the update hoses my phone. I have been told the recent 7.1 update is "rock...
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    Syncing new iPhone 4 with iPod Touch 4G files in iTunes

    I just scored a used iPhone 4 on ebay - can I sync it with my iPod touch 4G account in iTunes to transfer all of the apps and files that are on the iPod over to the iPhone??
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    The big red 1 - how do i make it go away?

    My iPod touch 4G has a Red number 1 on the settings icon. It is a notification that IOS 6 is available for d/l, but I do not want to upgrade yet. How do I make the red 1 go away?
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    What do you look like?

    Be brave and extroverted - post a current picture of YOU!
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    Yahoo Messenger no longer saves passwords.

    I have several yahoo email accounts that I log in to via Yahoo Messenger. As of 2 days ago, the application no longer retains the passwords for automatic login. I deleted the keychain entry for each email account, deleted the yahoo messenger application and all associated files that could be...
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    For Sale - Blackberry Storm 9350

    Works on TMobile - can be unlocked for other carriers if required. Includes one 8 GB mini SD card, extra battery, desktop charging cradle with USB cord, two soft protective cases, and one hard shell protective case. It also has had the clearguard type body armor applied. The Unit is in...
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    Back-lit keyboard on Macbook Pro

    Any way to turn the back-light off??
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    Free App to run Win XP on my new MB Pro?

    I have a full version Win XP disk - is there free software that will let me install and fully boot into windows?
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    Anyone get this private message?

    Hello, Nice to meet you, how is everything, hope all is well with you. My name is Madam Avelin Regato, I found your contact after reading your profile I picked interest to contact you. I've something very important which I would love to share with you privately, therefore, would advise you to...
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    Live and Let Pie

    Live and Let Pie... if (! pieIsAvailable) { Me.demandPie(); } else { Me.eatPie(); pieIsAvailable = false; } :D
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    Mac OS X 10.6 "Polar Bear Bubbles"

    :) :p Merry Christmas !!!
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    Problems with Safari showing pictures....

    In threads that have multiple pictures, like the picture association thread we have on this forum, Safari frequently takes forever to completely load the thread/page and does not show all the pictures. Every single time this has happened, i have gone to Firefox and opened the same page to have...
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    You can help abused and neglected animals!

    "Hi, all you animal lovers. This is pretty simple... Please tell ten friends to tell ten today! The Animal Rescue Site is having trouble getting enough people to click on it daily to meet their quota of getting free food donated every day to abused and neglected animals. It takes less than a...
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    Avatar Problem

    I recently attempted to change to a different avatar. After converting several different choices to the proper size, none of them would work and I finally just gave up. I tried to link animated avatars from the web and they also did not work. Does the forum software not have an option to auto...
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    Anecdotes are not Proof of an Antidote
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    Network Time inaccurate

    The "set date and time automatically" in System Preferences/Date and Time is no longer accurate - It is stuck in GMT and setting it back to "Dallas Texas" does not work - it reverts back to GMT and shows the wrong time. Instead of 17:57 it shows as 22:57, so i have to manually set the time...
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    I noticed a recent thread concerning BitTorrent that was locked with the comment that we do not discuss P-to-P clients on this site. I also did a search and found several open threads relating directly to BitTorrent which are still open. Is BitTorrent considered P-to-P - and if not, are...
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    New Tiger build prevents use on non-authorized Intel boxes

    The newest build of Mac OS X 10.4.3 includes the usual laundry list of bug fixes and improvements. However, there’s also something unusual about the latest Intel build — it includes anti-piracy measures that will supposedly prevent it from running smoothly on Intel-based machines that haven’t...
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    For Sale: 12" Powerbook

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    OpenBSD for macppc

    I have the OpenBSD/macppc 3.4 CD and want to install OpenBSD onto my powerbook. I have two partitions and i want to leave 10.3.6 on the first partition and install OpenBSD onto the empty second partition. I would appreciate input from anyone experienced at this type of install.