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  1. marmoset

    Ancient NeXTology (Shakespeare)...

    Way back when the original NeXT cubes were released, with the magneto-optical disc (and no HD, btw), I remember one of the early things they bragged about was including the complete works of Shakespeare on the MO disk. Does anyone who's as old & crusty as I am remember what format that content...
  2. marmoset

    What's your favorite OS X screensaver module?

    What's your favorite current screensave module for OS X? What modules would you like to see ported (from After Dark, X11 Screensaver, Windows, or wherever?)
  3. marmoset

    Whatever happened to Terminal Services?

    Some of you who were around in the Public Beta days might have used Terminal Services. i.e. you could highlight a chunk of text in a Cocoa application and execute a unix command using the selected text as a parameter. Very handy. Unfortunately, I just realized that Apple seems to have...
  4. marmoset doesn't like Unix (/var/mail) accounts anymore

    I've got Sendmail working on 10.0 now. I copied my m4 files from my PB installation and the standard things (sending mail, accepting incoming mail) are working great. I think the problem I'm having is a problem and not a sendmail problem. When I create a "UNIX mail" account in...
  5. marmoset

    Can Anyone help? (iTools plugin)

    I managed to corrupt the iTools plugin that gets installed along with IE 5.5 during the initial OSX PB install. I'd really like to avoid having to reinstall over something this trivial. If someone could stuff/binhex/email the plugin to me at I'd greatly appreciate it.
  6. marmoset

    dump & restore commands

    Has anyone tried backing up their OSX installation with the dump and restore commands? Any caveats?
  7. marmoset

    Any more filesystems in development?

    Has anyone heard anything about any of the more advanced filesystems (JFS, ReiserFS, etc.) being ported to OSX? It would be really nice to hsve a good journaling filesystem option...
  8. marmoset

    Getting to work with (truly) local mail

    I've got sendmail up and running on my machine, and overall it works well enough so that I'm now sending mail directly through it rather than going through someone else's SMTP server. It also works for receiving mail -- all mail sent to valid accounts on my host ( gets delivered...