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  1. rfraley

    Current take on Microsoft serious security flaw...

    As surely as the sun will rise and set, there will be serious security flaws in Microsoft software, especially Windows.
  2. rfraley

    Is it just me or is apple changing it's font?

    Where could I find the old and new Apple fonts online?
  3. rfraley

    The stupid Intel rumors are back (make it stop part II)

    IA-64 would not be that bad of a platform for the Mac to go me when I say that the Mac will NEVER run on x86...for the reasons just's a fast chip, but it's not very efficient. It's one of the reasons that Windows is so instable. PPC is actually ahead. Don't be surprised...
  4. rfraley

    Shady Dell Advertising

    In Marketing, we call this LSD marketing, as in Lowest Similar Denominator marketing. It's also called LSD marketing because you wonder if the people who buy into it are on LSD. "Dude, you're getting stoned."
  5. rfraley

    More woes for M$.....darn!

    How about Apple coming up with a secure MP3 so that the music industry can't cry about "Well, MS was our only choice" when they get sued as well. OS X could easily manage MP3's in the way that they imagine at root level. Also, MP3 or QuickTime both beat the dog poo out of proprietary MS...
  6. rfraley

    BusinessWeek: The Future of Apple

    Otherwise, why do you think that Apple ships OS 10.1 with almost all the ports closed. Now all they need is a good front end for the firewall so you don't have to use the command line to adminsiter the firewall.
  7. rfraley

    New keyobard and mouse!

    Being from a Windows background, I'm probably going to use the optical mouse with the two buttons and the scroll wheel Actually, I think Apple should do the one button + scroll wheel with the scroll wheel doubling as the second button. :cool:
  8. rfraley

    iPhoto, and the rumored Apple-Adobe rift

    A 7.0 version of Photoshop that is Carbonized would be well worth the wait for Apple. There is no rift, just the waiting which would be there even if there was no Mac OS X.
  9. rfraley

    Messaging from a new iMac!

    Okay, so you either drove or flew all the way from Canada to San Fran to see the iMacs only to dismiss them as junk and you made all these slam posts all the while? I can smell FUD from a mile away. Don't think you're fooling me. When you actually get behind the keyboard of a new iMac, feel...
  10. rfraley

    Cool huh ?

    Usually, they don't work that well. Poor NeYo, I really think he wants a new iMac but just doesn't have the money. So he looks for these (underground) hacks which makes Swiss Cheese, I mean XP, look more like OS X. Oh well, this will serve him well when he finally makes the transition to a...
  11. rfraley

    Who wants ManicDVLN and their PC counterparts on the board?

    I say that if a Windows person is civil and wants to make fair arguments (lack of software, dependence on one company, etc.), so be it. When personal attacks are made, action must be taken. It really doesn't matter if a person is a Windows wookie or Mac maniac. If a person can't be civil...
  12. rfraley

    OS X for Intel rumours...

    I never meant to assert that StarOffice was spyware, I really meant to say that about M$ products. Should have been clearer, sorry. :o Maybe the open source community should collaborate to have a project that works to eliminate M$ since GW obviously couldn't pull it off. It would only be...
  13. rfraley

    OS X for Intel rumours...

    That answers the question "Why product activation?" They are trying to expand their profits but end up losing valuable mindshare. Office is where the majority of the M$ profit, I thought that you knew that Fraggy. Why do you think that they are not going to support Office 97 anymore while...
  14. rfraley

    iWalk removed from!

    I've seen that most sites that get Apple cease and desist ordinances usually post the actual order. In fact they wear them like badges of courage. Or, could it be, that Apple planted the footage at as a mislead? Personally, that's what I'm going to have to believe. Out.
  15. rfraley

    This is probably the closest real vision of the new iMac.

    Any of you ever think that people make these prototypes for fun? I personally think that as far as the design goes, it might just be close. Here's where it blows it: The price would be more realistic at $1699. $1999 for Superdrive.
  16. rfraley

    backstage pass to the future Me thinks digital device along with flatpanel iMacs and (don't hold your breath on this one) geefives.
  17. rfraley

    MWSF - Apple sets expectations high

    Especially if the G5 comes out.
  18. rfraley

    MWSF - Apple sets expectations high

    Reality distortion field in full effect!!!
  19. rfraley

    MWSF - Apple sets expectations high

    Saith "Beyond the rumor sites. Way beyond." better be big now! :D
  20. rfraley

    5.1 Surround on the Mac?

    When is Apple going to have Dolby 5.1 on the Mac? Since DVD burning is on their agenda, and they want to be the digital hub for the home that works, I'd like to know when this is coming down the pipe. Is this part of Steve's bag of tricks at MWSF or is the Mac still going to be out in the cold...