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    Herve's Bar & Grill

    Well, IOS 10 is a bollocks'd up mess, eh?
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    Let's Stop The Non-replaceable Ram Setups In Macs

    I love my 11" Macbook Air - my 13" Macbook Pro feels heavy and slightly awkward in comparison.
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    Four word game

    tastes great, less filling
  4. g/re/p word association!

  5. g/re/p word association!

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    Converting Inches to Millimetres

    He posted this same thread over at MacNN - got the same basic responses as he did here!
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    Environmental concerns

    The UN has no credibility, so any study from that entity is automatically suspect, AFAIAC. Also - a five year study would be inconclusive at best.
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    iPhone 4 and IOS 7.1

    I have been hesitant to upgrade my iPhone 4 to 7.x due to reports of loss of wifi function, decreased battery life, and other similar side effects and bugs. My iPhone is from ebay, so I have no expectations of help if the update hoses my phone. I have been told the recent 7.1 update is "rock...
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    Restarting Safari

    Update: I have become so disgusted with the bugs in Safari, that I have switched to Chrome. So far I am liking Chrome much better!
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    Egads! What is This Tomfoolery?
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    quackery :)
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    Restarting Safari

    I have had too many problems with Safari to use it as my main browser. I only use it for Mail and Facebook: the saved cookies allow quick access with no sign-in. Firefox is my main browser - set to erase all info and cookies when I close the browser, and with Adblock and Ghostery running so...
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    Environmental concerns

    My problem with the whole climate change thing is the fact it has become politicized, and government(s) are attempting to use unproven theory to scam us out of our hard earned money - and with no real results to show for it. IMO, the whole "Carbon Tax" thing is nothing but a confidence game -...
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    Why I'll never use

    When TWC stared charging rental on my router, I bought my own. Got a Netgear CG3000D-RG, and it appears to be an excellent choice so far.
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    daffy duck
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    8-10 min Delay on blue login screen on OSX 10.6.8

    So, if I break in to your home and steal all your furniture, You should not call the police, because golly gee - laws (rules) are made to be broken! If I can steal your furniture, why should I obey the law and purchase my own furniture?
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    opinion on Samsung Galaxy S5

    Nexus, not Nexis (lol)