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    MacOSX/ UNIX Timeline

    What a cool site, lots of other memorabilia as well.
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    slow start-up, install...

    Ok I hear ya. As my ID would suggest I tend to lock my self in a room and ferret away, which is not whats needed for a desktop environment. My problems is that I come from a UNIX background where digging around is mandatory. When I get home tonight I'll have a look and see what GUI tools...
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    Mac OS X load average > 2,5 !!!! always

    Hello again Processes with ID of "0" are not the "kernel" but will be owned by root, it will be something like the "sched"uler that hands out PID for processes starting up, it depends on the UNIX you are using. Two processes with a PID of "0", now that is strange if not impossible. I...
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    Mac OS X wouldn't run applications!!!

    Check the that /var is linked properly to /private/var Unfortunately if there was a filesystem problem, fsck may fix it but have a broken inode. If you see a links like this at /: var -> Then its gubbed, its easy to get out of though, cd / rm var ln -s /private/var var...
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    slow start-up, install...

    The reason its slow, is because the services that are being started (which you can turn off individually) have no network connection at that time (yes you know that), however the packets that the "service" thinks its sent have to "timeout" before booting will continue. One place to look...
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    Prebind Me!

    I used to use "update_prebinding", however no other UNIX (Solaris, IRIX, AIX, Linux etc) seems to use such a process, as they do not have UNIX so tightly bound to an integrated user environment such as Aqua. CDE, Gnome, KDE etc are GUI front ends to UNIX, rather than UNIX being "molded or...
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    Mac OS X load average > 2,5 !!!! always

    I overclocked my B&W G3 450MHz to 500MHz and did not see the slowdown, although the machine build will be different. I could not get the machine to go faster than 500MHz the CPU would not start. When you ran TOP did you use "top -u" this will sort the jopbs with the highest CPU % in...
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    10.1.2 Installer no longer working

    Well I found what was causing the problem, but bot exactly how the cause of the problem came about. I got some time on the machine this weekend, and found that two links in root were broken, i.e. tmp and var. The two links read like this: tmp -> /private/tmp var -> /private/var The...
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    10.1.2 Installer no longer working

    Norton Utilities - I'll try that one, just in case it reports on other issues to do with the filesystem that are not reported by fsck. Even though a re-install will probably resolve the problem, it seems like overkill. The filesystem checker (fsck -y /dev/disk) reports "no problems". I do...
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    10.1.2 Installer no longer working

    "Half Moon Bay", used to buy vegetables there from a small farm, "crumbs" its beautiful part of the world you are a fortunate man. The Installer problem is refusing to budge, did not get a chance last night to look at the problem. However over the next few days I should get some real time...
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    10.1.2 Installer no longer working

    I work in the Oil business as a UNIX administrator, mostly with SUN,SGI, IBM and Linux kit. I don't like working here much its too limiting for want of a better word, its nearly all MicroSoft and anybody else is considered a freak and won't speak to you. I spent 7 years in the USA, 2 in Palo...
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    10.1.2 Installer no longer working

    Morning Ed You're up early, if you're in the US that is? I have not heard of "Spruiell" (sprool) over here in Scotland, however that does not mean it's not Scottish. I will ask around, the grapevine is usually the best way. I am not Scottish myself but Welsh, and before you ask...
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    10.1.2 Installer no longer working

    noordkmp - thanks for the Pacifist tip, I downloaded the utility and it looks fine. It finds all the contents of the pkg without problems, however when I try and export it returns and error -60008. I wonder if there's a damaged library, that both the "installer" and "Pacifist" use. I have...
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    Home network router Q

    This may not be what you want, however.... You could use a spare bit of processing on one of your Macs and use IPNetRouter (cheap as anything). It handles all the internal DNS/DHCP and the name to address translation (NAT) for the rest of the Macs at home...
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    10.1.2 Installer no longer working

    Ed Thanks for the note, I've had a look around the site and found nothing, so far, that matches my situation. I have seen a reference to "fsck_hfs", but I am no longer sure its a filesystem related issue as the installed applications are still funtional, it maybe that the installer is...
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    10.1.2 Installer no longer working

    Have gone through the process of updating to 10.1.1, security update, Installer update, updating to 10.1.2. No problems, and am happy with the result Have downloaded quite a few applications from Apple's MacOSX 10 site, all has been going well. However the installer has just developed a...
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    No mkfs?

    Strange when you think that newfs is just a front end to mkfs.
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    is osx a true unix system

    AUX was "System V r3", System V is much used today, i.e. Solaris 2, IRIX (used to be RiscOS from Mips) etc. However the above vendors use the "System V r4" or SVR4 model.
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    UNIX restore is missing and other things

    Thanks for the information and pointers on netInfo.
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    could NetInfo serve DNS?

    Well I tried "man named", the man page is not there for either "in.named or named", but the executable does exist in /usr/sbin, a bit weird. However I take your original point, it would be nice if netInfo could do DNS stuff directly without resorting to configuring BIND.